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    Internal Flights

    I am an Argentine resident but my parents are not. They are coming to visit me but want to take a trip to Salta without me. Does anyone know if I buy their airline tickets to Salta as a resident, will they get through the airport fine. They will have to check a bag in also which complicates...
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    90 Day Visa

    Cheers guys. Thanks for that. Somebody has just told me that you can extend your Visa in immigration here, have you heard anything about that as that would beat going to Uruguay
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    90 Day Visa

    Hi Guys, Wondering if anyone could just clear up a couple of points as I am having trouble finding out the answers to these questions in relation to the 90 day Visa. Basically I arrived back in Argentina on the 16th of January, this means that Friday the 16th of April will be my 90th day in...
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    Any UK football followers here?

    Game ball for the Liverpool match on Sunday
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    Running Buddies Wanted

    Hi James, I to am fresh off the boat from Dublin. I did the New York marathon in 2007 and am thinking about doing another one. Let me know if you find any good routes or if you want some company. I´m also living in Palermo. Cheers Darragh
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    Out and about in Palermo

    Hey Fiona, I have just arrived two days ago and am pretty much in the same boat as you. I am a 31 year old Irish guy who got sick of living in London and decided to come here for a year to learn Spanish. Living in Palermo also and would be keen to meet up for coffee.