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    Photographing the Obelisk

    Does anyone know of a hotel or other building along 9 de Julio with an elevated view of the Obelisk? I'd really like to take one of those cool night-time photos of it with light trails from the cars. I've seen photos like this so there must be some places...
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    Telo recommendations?

    The gf and I would like to check out a telo before we leave Argentina in a few days. Anyone know a good/interesting one?
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    Can I buy Onitsuka Tigers (shoes) in BA?

    This is a random where-to-buy question: does anyone know where to find Onitsuka Tiger shoes in BA? They're a kind of ASICS... Thanks
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    Anyone know anyone who's coming here from NY soon? Need camera gear!

    Hi all, I badly need (ok, want) something from a camera store in NY (Adorama or B&H). I understand that if I just order it directly by post I'll get hit with a massive tax at Argentine customs. So I suppose one solution would be to have a kind soul, perhaps a fellow photographer, coming here...