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    apartment to share in san telmo

    Hi All, Me, Chris, Australian 27, returning for a close friends wedding and a trip to Peru but have a nice apartment to share in San Telmo. I have paid up in full already from the dates Feb 24th to March 15th so if anyone needs/knows anyone that is keen between those dates? The price is $120...
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    Poker night anyone?

    my place is small too, only have a tiny balcony... free beer for host!! do it!
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    Poker night anyone?

    surely we can get a table and some cards together without too much hassle???
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    Poker night anyone?

    stack me some cards, im in. byo quilmes!
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    La Bomba tonight

    Hi Claire, Im keen, havent seen any music yet.. Will there be other people there? I dont really know anyone in BA yet?! Cheers Chris 4832 8746
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    New to BsAs

    Ok let's all stay in touch. Will be around plaza serr if anyone is keen tonight. C
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    New to BsAs

    Plaza serrano tonight? Around 10pm?
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    New to BsAs

    hi all... keen to meet up tonight.. kate just tried ur cell.. didnt go through.. my number is 4832 8746. I am on Malabia, close to Plaza Serrano, so its a great place to meet. Let me know if there is anything happening.. Cheers Chris
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    Looking for long-term Rental

    i have a friend who has two apartments for rent.. one in juncal y riobamba and another in downtown (more expernsive) rates range from 220-300$us a week, they are spotless and well maintained and very safe drop ur details if ud like me to have him contact you. cheers
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    Baexpats lunch this Tuesday Feb 17th 2pm

    im i.. hope im not the yogest at 26.. surely not.. ! chris
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    Broken hearts club...

    hi guys in palermo soho for a few months, my 6th trip back.. would love to meet some new people. recently heart broken also, but lets not share too many sad stories in a beautiful city as BA! Hope you are all well! Chris
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    give me a buzz +61403371971 staying in palermo, love to meet new peeps! chris
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    Any Aussies for a kick of a footy?

    Was thinking when I get back to BsAs one day, bring my footy, so its packed! Arrive Feb 11th if any aussies are after a touch of home, maybe a park around Belgrano or Recol? Cheers +61403371971
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    Buenos Aires Tennis Club Info?

    Hey, Im keen to have a game around Feb 11th, here for a month. I will need a racket though...had to make some sacrifices with my luggage! Chris +61403371971
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    Any casual sport teams to keep active and meet people?

    Hi all, Back to BsAs again for 1 month holiday but would like to get involved with some sport, any casual soccer teams/rugby/Australian Rules Football(please!!!), anything really just to stay fit and have a laugh. +61403371971 Cheers, arrive on Feb 11th. Chris
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    concerning jobs

    Hey, I am returning to BsAs for my 5th time in Feb, I have a strong social network of locals from capital and also surrounding provinces and would like to talk more re. employ opps. I have been talking wit IBM, HP and Chevron in the past, but timing has been off, would like to know what...