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    Baby cot and high chair for sale

    Hi all, We have a baby's cot for sale, timber frame, white color, drawer underneath for storage. Comes with mattress and cushioning around inside of cot. Only 5 months of use for our ~1 year old while we have been visiting Buenos Aires. The original price was ~$1000 peso - we would be fine with...
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    Taxi rip offs

    Hi guys, thanks for all of the advice regarding avoiding taxi scams. I am sure this is going to be a useful thread to others new to BA or argentina. We'll definitely now be sending a trusted cab for any more visitors rather than leaving it to chance. The problem as was pointed is that these...
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    Taxi rip offs

    Hi all, Just a quick word of warning for newcomers flying into BA. My brother-in-law just arrived yesterday in BA and was ripped off quite badly by some taxi drivers. Firstly, he was a little naive in letting them charge him 380 pesos to get into centre of town so we won't dwell on that - he was...
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    Internet Providers Which one do you have?

    Hi guys, You guys think you have it tough you should see what I struggle with connecting to New Zealand - cripes, it is driving me bonkers. I am on Fibretel which I have been told is the best - well it must be the best of a really terrible lot then. I then checked speeds to US and also got a...
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    Aires Buenos Aires Summer Activities

    Is anyone planning on going to NOFX? - would be grand (and a whole lot more fun) to go along with some others rather than on my lonesome. :) I need a decent shot of punk, its a been a while.