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    Visa enforcement?

    Hello! my tourist visa expires today. it would cost almost the same amount if not more for me to go to uruguay for the day, as it would to pay the fee of $300 pesos. I just wanted to verify that the expired visa fee was still $300 pesos and that it was a fixed rate. I am planning on going to...
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    Yoga, running and exercising in BA

    YOGA place in recoleta, english classes.
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    Winter ( The worst is yet to come )

    Just moved here from New Mexico and did not expect it to be this cold. Im a lizard at heart and am wondering when it will start warming up?
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    All girls tanning party!!! (Rivadavia)

    Hello. I just moved here and am living in Recoleta. I was looking for a place that does spray tans. I normally use MYSTIC TAN, in the US. Are you still in BA?
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    Puppy for Adoption!

    Hi! I just moved here and live in Recoleta, but will be going to school and like to go out at night. I have no problem taking him on walks and such but wonder if he would be okay at home for several hours during the day while im in Palermo for class.
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    Chili cook-off

    WHERE CAN I FIND GREEN CHILE? im from new mexico and put chile on everything and have yet to find any here. suggestions?