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    gourmet for nine pesos

    Siamo Noi in Palermo at Guatemala esquina de Carranza....not a very visually inviting for lunch and dinner but because of the ambiance, lunch is best....their menu looks on the surface very similar to many but order their vegetarian sandwich and you will get a plateful of...
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    What is with the coffee?

    Dear People, Okay, I must be a coffee snob but where is all this Italian coffee? Aren't there a gazillion Italians here? I have tried ALL of the coffee available here in Argentina from the supermarcado shelves to the gourmet coffee stores...they are all weak and....well...horrible. They...
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    ferry ride

    Since I can stay in Bueno Aires for only 90 days, can I then take the ferry to Colonia, Uruguay for the day, return, and get another 90 days? Also, I just bought a one way air ticket to Buenos this okay? I plan on telling them the truth, that I plan to exit the country via ferry to...
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    getting my sea legs

    Thanks, Paul, for your last reply to my first question. My Husb and I will just be soaking up all there is to do in Buenos Aires for six months. I was told that Recoleta is the BEST area to live in but I don't want to spend more than $350 for a furnished apt. Is Palermo a best second? Are...