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    Nice House For Rent At a Gated Community of Banco Provincia Country Club

    Located at the west bound of Buenos Aires, 30 miles from CABA. Minimum rent is 12 months, U$S 500 per month, + deposit and one month in advance. The unfurnished house has 2 bed rooms with heaters, 1 full bathroom and 1 external toilette A living and dining room integrated with the kitchen and...
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    Attorney in AZ

    hi there, does anyone know a good female attorney in Arizona? Need it for my divorce. Any suggestions? Thks
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    Feria Americana in Boedo, 759 4th Fl Apt 10 on Maza Street from 5 to 7 p.m.

    It is a Mexican drink made of Hisbiscus flower, fresh and redish... Delicious!!
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    Feria Americana in Boedo, 759 4th Fl Apt 10 on Maza Street from 5 to 7 p.m.

    A friend is offering this fair at Boedo district. In addition, there would be some carrot, banana cakes, cinnamon rolls and Jamaica water. Affordable prices.
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    Chocolate tasting Nov 15th, 2019 at 6 p.m.

    hi there, there is a Chocolate Tasting Class this coming Friday at Ingrid Cuk - Escuela del Chocolate at Av. Álvarez Thomas 2404, $ 650 It is worth to spend an evening with real chocolate.
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    Life Without Cold Water in BA

    Hi people, Thank you for your emails and advice. This situation is definitely insane, taking too many days to fix it, disrespectful administrator. I was wondering if I could report this at the US Embassy. For sure, they will address me some lawyers, but knowing that any file would take years...
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    Life Without Cold Water in BA

    I landed in Buenos Aires on August 1st of this year after more than a 10-hour flight from the US. Buenos Aires is a beautiful city. It’s called the Paris of South America. It has more than 3 million people living in a circumference of 78 square miles. There is good food and wine and the city...
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    Crea tu propio turron/ make your own nougat.

    Hola, Sin darnos cuenta ya estamos en octubre, a tan pocos días del Día de la Madre y de las fiestas navideñas!!... Te propongo dos clases intensivas de turrones, en donde aprenderás las técnicas de estos deliciosos postres. Sabías que los turrones son árabes?? Tienen sus orígenes en la...
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    Sushi Inflation in Buenos Aires

    Oregon sushi is worse, don't worry...
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    Renovating apartment - recommendations for contractor(s)?

    Mr Jose Arias is doing some work for my house at present, his whatsapp is +54911-4935-5151, he is very reliable, has reasonable price, and finishes on time. His nephew is an architect and they have a crew.
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    Sushi Inflation in Buenos Aires
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    Sushi Inflation in Buenos Aires

    Try México 1965, Sashimiya, or hire a sushiman/sushiwoman for your next event. As a CA graduated, I only do Japanese style sushi. The ones I tried in the USA or in BA-Argentina are not real sushi, just fake....
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    Which ATM can I get cash out of with an American Debit Card (Fidelity or Charles Schwab)?

    I tried to withdrawl many times from different banks using my NWCCU without success. For that reason, I ask for my daughter to send money from the WI and the fees are not bad ($ 8 each transaction under $ 1000).
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    500 and 1000 peso notes, terminology

    :rolleyes::DIt happens. When I get the money from WU, I get many $ 1000 which makes me easy to count them, but when I have $ 100 I want to kill myself... Then I have to hide somewhere between my backpack, purse or in a just regular plastic sack.
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    Thai ingredients

    I did not find the Thai basil, only regular basil
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    Thai ingredients

    Try the Japanese supermarket named Kometo at Humberto 1º 2357, C1229 CABA open fom 9 to 7:00 p.m.
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    Transferring money from European bank account to Argentine account

    Try Western Union, or Xoom. You must have the swift number of your Argentine bank account.
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    Coffee Chat, TUESDAY, January 8 at Alto Palermo

    Hi there, It sounds an interesting group! I am Oregonian that landed last Aug. for a MBA study at the UP. Glad I found this website... Have fun today. I will join in other occasion. I am a BA licensed tour guide and chef graduated from LCC.
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    Halloween in Baires for kids?

    Hi Nledec, Welcome to Argentina! If you need some food with Halloween decoration, please let me know. I bake American, Argentine and European sweet stuff, ie. cup cakes, cheese cake, lemon pie, brownies, etc etc.