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    LEARN SPANISH! im a gringo - i made a website

    IM A GRINGO! i moved to buenos aires in 2007 to learn spanish... im still learning. recently i returned to the states, but wanted to continue learning, so it took ALL my notes and created a website ( to help me and maybe others learn spanish. there are a lot of words and...
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    Travel to Chile on bus??

    Hi, has anyone here ever taken a bus to chile? Or know when i can find information on this. im trying to get to - Port of Valparaiso, Chile - its where the cruise ships are. thanks in advance! SF
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    preguntita sobre buquebus...

    Does anyone know if i can pay the fine for my overstayed tourist visa at the buquebus? ThankS!
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    beer tonight

    is finally here. im not trying to organiza any big event, but now that the sun is here it feels like a good time to start drinking cold beer before night. Anyone interested in chatting over a cold one. (im not an alcoholic) i promis...
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    90 days

    Hey Everyone! My 90 days is up. Once i went to Uruaguy and once i wend back to the states...and now i am still here and my 90days visa is gunna expire, maybe tomorrow. What do i do? Can i go to the US Embassy and pay somthing? I was sure i would find another post about this... but couldnt...
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    Hola Everyone!

    Hey, i moved here about 6-7 months ago, im from california. i met many friends, mostly gringos like me who didnt speak much spanish. Now i can speak a little better, but unfortunately all my friends were travellers and are now gone. I work from my computer at home and never realized how hard it...