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    moving sale: new items and reduced prices

    Hi guys, we're getting down to the wire and stuff has got to GO. Here's an updated list of some new items for sale and old ones with lower prices: Macbook in excellent condition, with extras...
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    selling toshiba flatscreen TV and TV table

    Hi guys, we are moving so we are selling a Toshiba 32 inch flatscreen TV and a TV table, both almost brand new. Full information on mercadolibre, PM me with any questions! TV Table...
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    Moving sale- home goods, Macbook

    Hi all, sadly my time in BA has come to an end, and that means I have to sell all my stuff. Here are some of the items I have up so far, I'll add more later (couch, fridge, mattress, 3 month old flat screen TV, 2 month old office chair, TV/entertainment table and more). Most of this stuff is...
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    A tale of good customer service

    Well, since we're all good at sharing stories of mistreatment in Buenos Aires I thought I'd share an experience I just had of some great customer service. Today I bought a nice 240 peso leather bag at a discount leather store near my house, happily went home and sprayed it with a leather...
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    Place to stay in Santiago?

    I poked around on the forum but didn't really see any recommendations for hotels in Santiago. I'm going for a long weekend with my boyfriend and am wondering if anyone has any recommendations for a nice place to stay? I don't want to spend more than $100 USD per night (and really ideally want...
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    The best bagels in BA

    Come from your own kitchen! Seriously I had NO idea how easy it is to make bagels, you must try it! And with the money you save you can splurge on a brick of Philadelphia for some scallion cream cheese :) Recipe here: DOOOOO IT!! EDIT-...
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    United Airlines sass warning

    I know this has been mentioned in previous threads but I thought I'd share my recent experience of last weekend. I flew back to EZE after a couple of months in the USA on United Airlines. As others have mentioned, when I arrived at the airport to check in they said that I HAD to have proof of...
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    Something to do Xmas Eve...

    I saw a thread asking about things to do on Christmas eve (well, night of the 24 - morning of the 25) so I thought I'd let you know that there is a party called Piñata at Niceto (lado B) which is lots of fun with DJs and of course a piñata. If you've got nowhere to go or get bored of the family...
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    traveling within the country on expired visa?

    Perhaps this is a stupid question but I don't know the answer: Can you travel by plane within the country on an expired visa? I am trying to decide whether to risk the Colonia run again or just overstay and am wondering about this. I don't think I'll leave the country again for several months...
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    Anyone seen gluten-free bread or broth?

    Due to the dietary restrictions of a friend I am going to make a gluten-free Thanksgiving this year. I have seen various gluten-free products in the dieteticas such as alternate flours and even a bread mix but I was wondering if anyone has seen gluten-free bread or broth cubes (knorr ones have...
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    Good hardware store for persiana piece

    The bottom part of the pulley on my persiana is broken and I have been to several hardware stores and Easy to try to replace it. The problem is that I need one that has the "bump" as seen in the photo, otherwise it does not fit back into the hole in the wall. All the hardware stores in my area...
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    Are the garbagemen on strike?

    There are a LOT of giant piles of trash around these days... Anyone know anything about it? Oooooh nevermind:
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    Recoleta/Palermo bike shop?

    Does anyone know of a good bike shop (with maintenance and repair) in the Recoleta/Palermo area? I just got a used bike and it needs some adjustments and a general checkup. Thanks!
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    recent customs experiences?

    Has anyone gone through customs at Ezeiza recently, within a month or two ago? I'm coming back from the USA and am wondering what to expect, because I want to bring some electronic items with me. Thanks!
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    Need to buy an oven- advice?

    I need to buy a new oven and am not familiar with any brands down here. Does anyone have any experience buying a cheapish (1000 peso area) oven here? If so, what brand? Thanks!
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    Oxi-clean type product?

    Does anyone know of an oxi-clean type of product that is sold here? I'm looking for one. Thanks!
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    yarn/ knitting store?

    I've read some old posts on this site raving about the yarn here and that there are tons of yarn stores on Scalabrini Ortiz, but I can't seem to find them! Can anyone tell me where I can get some good quality yarn for knitting? Thanks!
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    Taking a local out to dinner

    My boyfriend has lived in BA his entire life (that's why I moved here) and his birthday is coming up. I would like to take him out to dinner somewhere nice that he's never been, but I don't know the city well yet and don't want to ask him (nice surprise...). Any suggestions? I was thinking Olsen...
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    Birth Certificate copy acceptable at Migraciones??

    I am trying to get things ready to apply for a residency permit at Migraciones including, obviously, my birth certificate. However, this is in the hands of my father in the USA who does not want to send it (the only copy) to me here (thanks Dad). The Migraciones website says that the original is...