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    Re: Place that buys books?

    got rid of all mine at the book fair in caballito, also try round parque centenario. but they are quite picky with titles, and you get peanuts for i would hold onto them or give them to a trusted friend. you could also go to hostels and exchange them, as another option.
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    Last weekend in BA : ( !!! What would you do?

    how would you spend your last ever weekend in BA??? Mine is quickly approaching. Would love to do something really different, or nostalgic, or memorable. Anything better on than the Feria de Libros (?!) over the next few weeks? i think im just going to stuff choripan down me whilst weeping...
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    nik, do you know if you are able to go and see the osteopaths at the hospital aleman on a regular basis, or is it purely for emergencies? I would like to see get a few sessions of treatment in before going back to the uk. What do they charge at the hospital? Also any other recommendations for...
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    room in for a few months

    Hi Kim, I would highly recommend you widen your search of neighbourhoods to increase your chances, nowhere central is too far from Palermo if you plan on spending your time there, and you'll probably be able to find something nicer and in your price range elsewhere. Try the website...