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    company/S.R.L. for sale

    Hi all, After 2 years in BA working to set up a local office here, my parent company has decided to no longer pursue having an office here. So I have limited liability company (SRL) for sale if anyone is interested. The only step that remains with the company is to register at AFIP for a CUIT -...
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    carnavale in Gualeguaychu

    Hi all, does anyone know how to buy tix for the carnavale show in Gualeguaychu? last year, they were on ticketek, but i can't seem to find it on there this year :( Maybe it's ok to just show up and buy them? thanks!
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    need prescription scuba/snorkel mask

    Hi all, i can't wear my contacts right now and was wondering if anyone know of a dive shop here that would rent out a prescription mask? or if someone has one to rent to me? if i could get one that was a -4.00 or even a -3.00, that would be better than nothing! I know it's a very long shot...
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    serviced office space in Palermo

    Does anyone know of serviced offices in Palermo? I know about areatres, but we might want something bigger.. Any suggestions appreciated!
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    US notary needed

    Hi all, I've unfortunately had someone swipe my card information and charge almost $500 on my US account. The bank is refunding it thanksfully, and all of that is fine, but I have some documents for the claim that I need notarized. has anyone had documents for the US notarized by someone...
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    inflation for 2010

    does anyone know what the Argentine govt is saying inflation was officially for 2010? i looked on the website but i can't figure it out! this one by an independent economist says 25-31%: yikes! thanks for any help!
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    inflation for 2010

    does anyone know what the Argentine govt is saying inflation was officially for 2010? i looked on the website but i can't figure it out! this one by an independent economist says 25-31%: yikes! thanks for any help!
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    train to Tigre

    Hi all, I wanted to see if someone can confirm that we can go to the station in Belgrano to take the train to Tigre. or do we have to take it from Retiro? does anyone know of a site online where i can see times/schedules? thanks!
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    Lasik with Dr. Pablo Andersson

    Has anybody had lasik with Dr. Andersson? I know people have had checkups with him and recommended him here on the forum. i went to his consultorio for an exam/prescription and was very pleased. i didn't see him but one of his associates. However, he's the one that does teh laser surgery and...
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    Mendoza - rafting

    Hi all,, I'm going to Mendoza next week and was wondering if it's too dry to go rafting now? If so, does anybody recommend any other activities, besides the vineyard tours? thanks!
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    Hot festival tonight - have tickets

    anybody want to buy tix for the hot festival tonight? both my husband and I are ill so will probably skip it. We have 2 campo tix - paid $190 pesos plus booking fee ($20 i think). Pm me with an offer! line up is here: ESCENARIO PRINCIPAL 16:55 - AMAPOLAS 17:45 - ATAQUE OCHENTOSO 19:00 - ARBOL...
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    mendoza acommodation recs

    Hi all, does anyone have recommendations for where to stay in Mendoza? We'd prefer somewhere central in the town. We'll be there for just 3 nights. There are 3 of us so we are looking for maybe a 1 or 2 bed apartment. Or a mid-range hotel. thanks much!
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    temporary airport El Palomar - question

    Hi all, Has anybody flown out of El Palomar? do you know how much it is approx from Palermo? I know there is a shuttle from newberry, but I'm thinking that might be more hassle than it's worth..
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    atlantida, uruguay recs

    Hello all, we are going to uruguay for 4 nights (flying in to montevideo) and a uruguayan friend has recommended staying in Atlantida. does anyone have recs for places to stay? I'd prefer an apartment/cabana rental. or, should we go to a different beach? we're going in two weeks so will still...
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    groupon/dineromail problems

    Hi all, I'm having problems using my USA Visa debit card on dinero mail to pay for groupon. i've used it before sucessfully, but now twice in teh last two weeks it tells me the operation is not permitted. Anyone else have that problem? Perhaps its because groupon has my AR adress and...
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    festival ecologico with Air

    Is anyone going to the Air concert tomorrow? It seems there's a huge line up of bands starting at 2;30pm but I can't figure out when Air will actually play. I don't necessarily want to see ALL of the bands... Also, do you know if it's allowed to bring in food and drinks to concerts at teh...
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    Dentist that accepts medicus

    Hi all, just wondering if anyone can recommend a dentist in cap Fed that specifically accepts Medicus? thanks!
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    need German to French translators

    Hi all, I'm looking to hire someone fulltime to do German to French translations, and also other hires parttime/freelance. Job info is on BA craigslist in the 'translation' category or you can PM me if interested I'm wondering if anybody knows any groups in BA aimed at French expats (or French...
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    kickboxing classes

    Does anyone know of a place (pref in Palermo) that does kickboxing classes? i'm interested in more of a tae bo/cardio type workout than actually learning how to be a boxer:) i know that some gyms have body combat classes, but i'd prefer to just to sign up for classes than have to join a gym...
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    finding longterm, unfurnished rentals

    Hi all, besides soloduenos, craigslist and enbuenoaires, does anyone else have websites they recommend for finding long-term, unfurnished rentals by owners? thanks!