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    Football Tour: Argentinos Juniors vs Boca

    Hi guys, Our small tour company, Football De Tours, will be taking a group to Argentinos vs Boca on Sunday the 9th. We take public transport to the ground to cut down on costs for you. Price for this one will be US$85 and that includes your ticket (in the nicer platea section), a tour of the...
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    Crazy Fist — The Life and Tragedies of Boxer Carlos Monzón An article on the life of Carlos Monzon, who was middleweight world champion for 7 years, dated Susana Gimenez, ended up in prison for killing his second wife, and died in a car crash while on a day's leave from jail.
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    tourist visa problems mendoza-chile?

    I've been here on a tourist visa for about a year and have several trips back and forth to Colonia stamped on my passport. Have any permatourists done the bus trip from Mendoza to Santiago (Chile) and had problems with the migraciones officials on the border? I know the guys at Buquebus are...
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    ATM fees info

    I just noticed a similar thread has gone up, but my question is more specific. I too have an Australian bank account and use my Debit Card to access funds from ATMs here. My account is a 'Gold' account which is supposed to mean I do not get charged fees for withdrawing money from oversees ATMs...
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    Ashes Second Test

    Not going to bother watching the last day of the 1st Test, but a couple of us were watching Day 4 last night at Casabar on one of their screens (via stream). We spoke to the owner and he would be prepared to make sure we have a screen to watch the 2nd Test on - he would even give us the whole...
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    Superclasico preview and podcast

    "HAND OF POD" podcast previewing the superclasico tomorrow. Hopefully will give you some insight into the game: And here's an article on the match:
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    Just realised I've overstayed

    Crap - I just looked at my passport and realised I'm at 93 days. Very stupid, I know - I thought I had more time. I could try to get a ferry over to Colonia in the next two days, or head down to migraciones (last time I went to Colonia). One time I took the Buque after I had overstayed 2 or 3...
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    NRL Grand Final

    Anyone interested in watching the match? I believe the owner of Casabar can get a feed, but only if we can get a group of people interested in watching it. I'm too lazy to figure it out, so can anyone tell me exactly when it's on, BA time?
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    Soccer - 'Vaselina Goals'

    Some of the best lobbed goals from Argentinian football:
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    That long stiff pole known as 'El Obelisco'

    Read about one of Buenos Aires' most famous erections:
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    Judgement day for the Maradona experiment

    Hope you're as excited as I am about the Argentina-Germany game.
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    Argentina 3 - Mexico 1

    Not so convincing this time, but the result was the same, another victory: Also, here's a general bio on Maradona:
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    Colonia trip on July 3rd

    Anyone else going on that day? I've seen every nook and cranny of Colonia, so my plan is to just get some nice lunch, have a few beers somewhere and watch any interesting World Cup matches that might be on. Would be glad for some company if anyone is keen.
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    Analysis: Argentina 2-Greece 0

    Argentina end the group phase with 9 points! A tough game against Greece, but another win for Maradona's boys in the end:
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    Analysis: Argentina 4 -South Korea

    The good, the bad, and the 80s-rock-star ugly aspects of Argentina's performance:
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    Argentinian football/soccer site in English

    This is a website I've been working on for a while. Wouldn't say it's totally finished but I've hurried it up a little to have it online in time for the World Cup. Hope you like it:
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    Any Aussies watching the World Cup?

    I'd be interested in watching the 3 Socceroos games with some other Australians (and I'm not optimistic there will be more than 3!) in a bar in the city somewhere. Are there any Aussies who will be in Buenos Aires during the WC? BTW here is my new football site:
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    BBQ Sauce

    Mini Carrefour has Hunt's Bold BBQ Sauce for $10 at the moment (Original and BBQ Honey Mustard $16). I suggest you buy them up before they disappear from the shelves into oblivion.
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    even higher ATM fees

    So I took out money this morning and was charged 15 pesos for the transaction! I didn't read all of the previous thread about ATM fees, but when I went back to Australia recently, I checked with my bank and they told me that the type of account I have means that I should not be charged...
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    Argentina's Gaucho Saint