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  1. sac13

    3 level Grand house in San Telmo for rent

    thanks, sorry can't discuss price. It did sell for a good profit after 3 years of ownership.
  2. sac13

    3 level Grand house in San Telmo for rent

    Thank you, it sold to live in. Looking for my next house project .
  3. sac13

    3 level Grand house in San Telmo for rent

    Hey, Sorry unfortunately the house sold two months ago.
  4. sac13

    Western Union money transfer

    Rate 151,12. Now better than the blue rate.
  5. sac13

    Blue dollar rate

    Hey KB, if you have zella or PayPal I could give you pesos at the blue rate . My office is by the US embassy .
  6. sac13

    3 level Grand house in San Telmo for rent

    Thanks! Took about a year to put it all together. The movie Tetro by Francis Ford Coppola was filmed at the house if anyone has watched it.
  7. sac13

    3 level Grand house in San Telmo for rent

    Hello Fellow expats I have a neoclassical Italianate building in San Telmo that's 4,500 SF luxury accommodation with private entrance, 4 bedrooms, several patios, sun rooms, balconies, 4 dining areas and a magnificent roof terrace garden with a dipping pool. The 4 bedrooms all have ensuite...
  8. sac13

    Need an accountant

    Not sure if you need an account yet if you don’t have any clients here . Are you transferring your PayPal earnings to your bank account here? My wife is an account if you want to pm with any questions.
  9. sac13

    Looking for a nice house for 1 month to get fresh air in the Quarantine

    I have this artfully restored 3 level grand house (4500 SF) in San Telmo for anyone that is interested in renting. Pm for more pics and info.
  10. sac13

    Western Union money transfer

    The Rate is 113.94 at the moment and it will be going down shortly as the CCL & MEP is falling . WU post new rates around 4pm.
  11. sac13

    "Cara chica" dollars - how to exchange them

    The banks do take them. I deposited into my usd account a few days ago and no issues.
  12. sac13

    Nuevo Palermo Studio Apt for rent

    Hey, I have a big studio apt with a division for monthly rental. Its located by the US Embassy and Palermo Parks. The building has a pool on the roof top and US style laundry. 950 USD a month and 850 if longer than 3 months. I have attached an airbnb link for viewing listing and my reputation...
  13. sac13

    Car For Sale Peugeot 208

    Hello Expats, I'm selling my 2015 Peugeot 208 Feline Pack Cuir with 55,000 KM Interested buyer please pm for pictures. I'm asking 580,000 pesos. Can be paid here in pesos or USD via bank transfer in the States. Thank you
  14. sac13

    Argentina Property Tax Preparation Accountant

    Property taxes are bienes personales so yes you would need an accountant. Pm if you need a recommendation.
  15. sac13

    Airbnb property manager

    Two different styles, Airbnb brings in more foreigners and you can get paid in via PayPal or bank transfer. is used more by locals and only allows pay outs directly from the customers in cash or bank deposits. Also its important that you can make a factura for customers using...
  16. sac13

    1 bedroom apt for sale Palermo Nuevo

    3500 pesos expensas. Agip is 9000 pesos a year. Valuation 316.000
  17. sac13

    1 bedroom apt for sale Palermo Nuevo

    50 m2 , one bedroom , one bath. Also a good temporary apt for investement .
  18. sac13

    1 bedroom apt for sale Palermo Nuevo

    Sorry about that, just figured anyone buying would understand Spanish . Lol . Price is 160k usd. No comisión and can be paid in the US. Any questions please pm.
  19. sac13

    1 bedroom apt for sale Palermo Nuevo

    Palermo Nuevo 2 Ambientes Juncal 4551 (Entre Godoy Cruz y Oro) Zona Palermo Nuevo. Edificio Torre, 2 Ambientes, 50 metros cuadrados, contrafrente, primer piso, Seguridad 24 horas, Pileta, Gimnasio. Parque Rosedal (bosque de Palermo), Subte (linea D), Tren San Martin, Colectivos (Santa Fe)