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    Brazil guide book

    I'm planning to travel to Brazil for a few weeks in October and can't find a good guide book anywhere in BA. The book stores here don't seem to sell guide books for countries in SA aside from Argentina. Does anyone have a lonely planet or other guide book for brazil that they would be...
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    Info on traveling to Brazil

    Any US citizens in Argentina know what the best way is to get a visa to travel to Brazil? Is there an office somewhere in BA where I can go to apply for the visa?
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    Does Personal Suck?

    My phone (about 1 month old) suddenly stopped sending out text messages for no apparent reason. This same thing recently happened to one of my roommates. I don't know if it is a hardware issue or a problem with Personal. I do prepay with a Nokia phone I bought brand new a month ago. Anyone...
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    Getting Dollars from Amex

    It is my understanding that Amex cardholders with Gold card or higher can go to the office downtown and cash personal checks up to $1,000 per week with no transaction fees. Others have claimed Platinum level is needed. Has anyone actually done this successfully? If so, which office (address)...
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    Changing Dollars

    Can anyone recommend a good place to change dollars for pesos is small amounts ($500 or less at a time)? I don't have any local bank accounts and want to be able to change a few hundred dollars once a week or so at a good rate. Thanks!
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    H1N1 Flu. Taxis?

    I am arriving in BA in 2 weeks and will be living in Palermo Soho or Las Cañitas for several months. I will need to commute to Retiro every day. Given the flu outbreak, I am thinking it makes sense to take a taxi if it is affordable. Can someone tell me what a taxi would cost from either...
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    Looking for apartment mid to late July

    Hi. I am going to spend a few months in BsAs starting mid/late July (my dates are flexible) and looking for an apartment share in Palermo Soho or Barrio Norte. I can do month to month or commit to up to 3 months initially. Anybody know of anything? Thanks!
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    can anyone recommend a spanish school?

    I am 31 yrs old and will be moving to BA in a couple of weeks from NYC. Looking to take intensive classes at a school that has many different levels simultaneously. Anyone have any experience with this? Also, what neighborhoods are the most central to nightlife and culture without being too...