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    spread the word....

    Hello again!!! I know you all have friends or know people who are looking to buy things. So how about it, why not spread the word even if you yourself don´t need anything. We have a living room set, coffee table with 2 end tables, bedroom set, toddlers bedroom set, extendible table and...
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    thinking of moving to Buenos Aires

    Gaby, It is a tough decision and I wish you the best of luck. I moved to Argentina with my husband almost 3 yrs ago, and oddly enough it was husband who could not adapt to his own country. He had lived in the US for 10 yrs and returned for his family. That being said we have decided to move...
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    Items for sale, moving back to USA

    Hello my fellow expats. We have decided to return to the United States. That being said, we are pretty much selling everything. 9 pc living room set, kitchen table and chairs, bedroom set, baby/toddler bedroom set...just to name a few items. If anyone is interested please send me an email. I...
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    How to get US Xbox to work

    Randb33 - my husband brought his XBox here from the USA. It works great, but he uses a transformer of about 700 watts...
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    Hey ladies. I would love to get involved with a playgroup. I have a 3 yr son so hopefully there are others in or around that age. I live in Haedo but can always take the train/subte in to the city. email is Thanks... Shelly
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    Burgers this Sunday (Nov. 15)?

    Hey Dave...sorry we couldn't make it:(...something came up at the last minute with the family...hope you have another get together soon and we will be sure to make it there.... Saludos, Shelly
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    Burgers this Sunday (Nov. 15)?

    Ok...thanks for the tip. We will still come but without the kid....a couple hours free of kids is great. :p LOL. I will make a yummy treat and of course bring beverages. What is the address? Looking forward to meeting some new faces.. Saludos, Shelly:p
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    Burgers this Sunday (Nov. 15)?

    Hey Dave!!! Would love to come, but does anyone bring their kids? I have a 3 yr? shelly dragovich
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    Expat burger party this Sunday - 10/25

    bummer I didn't get on here to see about the burger party. am very interested in getting together to celebrate Thanksgiving. It will be a first in the 3 yrs i have been here...
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    Where is Captain Dave's located?
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    Is anyone considering celebrating Thanksgiving?
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    looking for gyno

    Oh how I miss my gyno in TN...I have been to 2 different gynos here and haven't really liked either one of them. Anyone have any suggestions? I live in the barrio of haedo. Been looking to have another baby....seems like it has been at least a year!!!! Any advice would be great appreciated.
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    Why can't I get what I pay for at Starbucks?

    Ummm...I must agree, there is a lack of customer service in BA. You pay a lot of money (in pesos) for not only good food, but good customer service. And I love Starbucks, but some Starbucks are good and some not so good. I went to the one on Fl. Ave and they were extremely nice, but the one in...
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    Halloween in Baires for kids?

    I know what you mean. I have a 3 yr old and I would love for him to know Halloween. Let me know if you find anything out. Shelly
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    Hola chicas

    Hi everyone! My name is Shelly Dragovich. I just joined today. I am from the States and I have been living in Argentina for about 2 1/2 years. My spanish is mas or menos...LOL. It can be very frustrating at times...I go to a class 2 times a week...I have a 3 yr son. I am just looking for...