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    Re: Place that buys books?

    Walrus Books in San Telmo. United States & Peru. They might not buy all of them, be warned, but a great bookshelf.
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    Where to watch the Kentucky Derby? Any of you from Louisville?

    This will be only the second Kentucky Derby I have not attended in 21 years, I am already becoming a bit of a basket case about it, and I'd rather not be sulking in a corner at Shoeless Joe's at 6pm next Saturday drinking mint juleps by myself. Any takers?
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    anyone going to patagonia next month?

    I'm leaving BA tomorrow for another week in Uruguay, returning next weekend to drink mint juleps on Derby Day, and then heading out to do a loop. I'm either doing the south, then back up to Bariloche, Mendoza, Salta, and probably Igazu, or the reverse, before heading back here on about May...
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    ATM Find!

    the Citibank on Florida near Catedral Subte will let me take up to 3000 pesos per transaction on both of my card, one a Visa credit, the other a MasterCard debit. Banelco will not let me use either, and Link lets me get 3x300 pesos per day.
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    Pimm's in Buenos Aires? Help!

    I know it's out of season, but I need a bottle by next Saturday regardless. I cannot find it here. Not a market that sells it by the bottle, neither a bar/pub/restaurant that sells it by the cup. The one big market the British Embassy told me might have it does not. Please let me know.
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    Best used bookstore in BA with large English selection?

    I'm in Palermo, and am hoping for something a bit nearer than Walrus books, though it is a fantastic shelf. Thanks.