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  1. bobsnowpuppy

    Security Alert: U.S. Embassy Buenos Aires

    Location: Province of Buenos Aires · Vicente Lopez Event: Improvised Explosive Devises Detonated On January 28, 2020, two improvised explosive devices (IED) detonated while police were attempting to render the devices safe in Vicente Lopez. The police are continuing to investigate.
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    Social Security deposit to foreign bank

    Hi, I am looking for info on getting social security payments to Argentina in the easiest least costly way. Someone told me that the US Embassy will facilitate your SS in that there are certain Argentine banks who will accept direct deposits from the SSA. Is this true? Also, is US social...
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    Dogs shipped to DFW from BA

    I thought I would write about my experience of shipping my dogs in the luggage compartment from Ezeiza to Dallas Fort Worth last week. I used American Airlines and everything went great! My vet completed the examination of my dogs and noted that they had current rabies vaccines and were free...
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    Futon and table

    Futon and table together or separate for sale. Large heavy duty quality futon. Washable easy to clean fake leather surface. Asking 5000 pesos for the pair or make an offer! Must sell, Moving!
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    Leaving BA, selling stuff

    After 5 years in BA unfortunately I have to leave and need to sell some of my apartment things. Prices are in pesos, but I prefer equivalent dollars sent to my US account using Zelle, Apple Pay, Google Pay, etc. (free and easy) Items must be picked up by January 14, 2019 and are located in Nunez...
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    Carts for dogs

    Unfortunately my dogs hind knees have finally given out. Does anyone have experience with the carts made here for dog mobility?
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    Govt bonds

    El Gobierno colocará hoy tres bonos en dólares a 5, 10 y 30 años con tasas de hasta 7% Argentina presentó una guía inicial de rendimiento en el área alta de 4% para el tramo a 5 años, de 6,25% para el título a 10 años y en el área baja de 7% para el bono a 30 años. Citigroup, Deutsche Bank y...
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    Imported Liquor Sale!

    For those of you interested in American French and Italian liquor and liqueurs I just paid half price at Carrefour for several types. And there are many more that I didn't buy! The prices are cheaper than you would pay in the US. Run don't walk! When their stock is gone that's it. I don't know...
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    Sube Cards

    Anyone know what's going on with the sube cards and not being able to recharge them?
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    Iguazu & Cafayate By Car With Dogs

    I'm planning a 2 week car trip in August from BA to Iguazu, then over to Salta, down to Cafayate, on to Mendoza and then back to BA.  I've read the various posts - gotten good info - but what I need to know is has anyone done it with dogs and what has been the experience with hotels taking...
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    Iguazu & Cafayate By Car With Dogs

    Moved to Expat Life
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    Cuevas In Nuñez

    Anyone have trusted locations in Nuñez?
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    What Constitutes An Extraordinary Expense?

    I just started a two-year rental contract. I received the expense bill for the first month. My contract says I'm not responsible for Extraordinary expenses - pretty common. Anyone have experience with what constitutes extraordinary versus ordinary expenses for an apartment rental in BA?
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    China's Economy

    Here is a link from an article issued by Schwab concerning the United States interest rate cuts and their effect on China's economy. Any guesses on how this will trickle down to Argentina's economy in view of the enormous Chinese investment here...
  15. bobsnowpuppy

    Retina Specialist - Md

    I live in CABA, Recoleta. I need a recommendation for an excellent retina MD. I've had several eye surgeries over the years and I'm concerned about another retinal tear. Hope somebody has some suggestions. Thank you!
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    Rock Climbing Gyms/walls

    Anyone aware of or have experience with any rock climbing gyms in Capital?
  17. bobsnowpuppy

    Cuevas Open On Holidays?

    Anyone know if they are generally open on holidays such as tomorrow and Friday? Mine is usually open on Saturday but I've never gone there on national holidays.
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    Healthcare Attorney/argentine, Bilingual

    I am in need of a referral to a good, experienced Healthcare attorney here. My mother-in-law has been ill for several months and every time she is scheduled for her surgery and shows up at the hospital they either put her up for a few days and then tell her there are no beds or send her home at...
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    Veterinarian Needed Urgently!

    Hi all! I have lived here for a couple of years and used local vets near my apartment for odds and ends of things for my two dogs. I have been seeing one of those vets for the past 3 months concerning a skin infection on one of my dogs. I guess I finally realize she doesn't know what she's doing...
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    Home Invasion/robbery

    Last Friday Night a woman had two men walk into her bedroom, accost and threaten her, and force her to turn over all of her valuables, jewelry, money. She has a very nice place not far from Las Heras and Pueyrredon. They came in through the transom above the first floor window. Her bad that it...