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  1. internationalguy

    About Joe's Money

    I've pretty much said everything I had to say about how things happened. I know a deadline came and nothing happened but I was still in contact with Joe and well, quite frankly I haven't been around because some of the things said were vicious and uncalled for. This is exclusively about 1,000...
  2. internationalguy

    Argentina Keeps Losing Jobs

    Many people know this, many people don't. RR Donnelley is the largest printer in the world. Bar none. Back in the day I used to have a strong business relation with one of their smallest divisions since we were after similar things and our business partnership made a lot of sense. I was at the...
  3. internationalguy

    The Link Between Tx And Argentina

    I've been noticing the surprising amount of Texans living in Argentina, or coming here for a while, or being a part of this community. I was really amused when I ran into this. Makes me think of why so many of us find our way down here? Is there an unspoken...
  4. internationalguy

    Us Defeat (Who's To Blame?)

    I think that it could have gone either way. At the end of the second half it could have been ours. The Belgians deserve it though. Best of luck to the remaining teams. I'm officially team-less now.
  5. internationalguy

    Strange World Cup

    Let's see where all this goes.
  6. internationalguy

    Esteban's Farewell/ Us Game Vs Portugal

    We are having this so we can get together and say goodbye to our friend Esteban. Also could be good to replace the Lunch chat we couldn't have this weekend. On top of that the US plays Portugal so we can all get together and enjoy a good game. Please RSVP so we can get enough places for...
  7. internationalguy

    Thank You Portugal... For Proving Me Right So Early On

    I predicted Portugal would be a dud. After we beat Ghana today we'll be able to take on Portugal and claim the second spot in our group. Cristiano is going to watch the playoffs from home. Yay :D
  8. internationalguy

    Making Women Feel More Comfortable Here (Women's Only Poll)

    During coffee chat, Joe and I discussed creating this poll in order to find out what makes women more uncomfortable about the typical male behavior we see as a part of BA Expats's daily life. Women are often made extremely uncomfortable either by conflict, ego trips among members, excess...
  9. internationalguy

    One Year In Argentina

    I'm going to make up this word but today is my 1st Argieversary. For better or for worse 365 days have passed since I landed in EZE with 3 large bags, a medium one, and two carry ons. On top of all the plans and hopes for my new life. I'm going to celebrate the occasion, despite not knowing if I...
  10. internationalguy

    What We Like About Argentina

    Because there have been so many negativity threads recently, which has elicited some of the Argentine members to feel offended, and because it's only healthy to also think about the good things, let's talk about the things we DO like about this very special country we live in (even if only...
  11. internationalguy

    Ba Expats Favorite Libation

    So, once again I'm invading Joe's turf. No apologies this time :P
  12. internationalguy

    An Optimized Poll For Satisfaction/ Dissatisfaction With Arg

    Sorry Joe for invading your turf. Sorry ARBound for taking your idea. I just want to make a much more complete poll. Y'all will like it.
  13. internationalguy

    Ba Expats Bold World Cup Predictions

    I know some ajoknoblauchs won't like this topic but they can just choose not to take part of this. I think we should have a thread for World Cup talk, predictions, and whatever. I'm going to start by making my first three predictions which will have a time stamp to prove I actually predicted...
  14. internationalguy

    What Would A Sane Person Answer?

    Not being a sane person, I don't know.
  15. internationalguy

    Poll With A Very Hard To Answer Question.

    I wonder what people think.
  16. internationalguy

    4Th Colonia Run

    I really wanted to go to Iguazu this time but I let time run out and it was either getting to Colonia before the madness later this week or letting my 90 days expire before I could get out next week. Does anyone know someething exciting I could do so I won't feel like I wasted yet another...
  17. internationalguy

    What Will Happen First?

    What do you guys think?
  18. internationalguy

    The Expat Obamacare Debate

    This is why neither Obamacare nor the Republican option are ever going to work.
  19. internationalguy


    Doesn't surprise me. Let's see if it makes people more aware of the true colors of...
  20. internationalguy


    I think I know what the answer will be. Anyhow, is there anything that resembles Costco or BJs?