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    Antique and Vintage Merchant Wanted

    I am considering either a complete move to BA or the purchase of a property over there. In the meantime, I could possibly help someone make money by sourcing goods to sell in my antique and vintage shop in Ibiza, Spain. Maybe you have things of your own to sell or maybe you could take photos...
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    The Complainers

    Ok, I'm very naughty posting on here as I'm not a BA expat but I just thought I'd relay my observations on being an expat as it's similar wherever you go. When I first left the UK for Ibiza, I noticed every little thing which was different; the property buying system, the body language, the...
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    Help me decide?

    Gosh...where do I start? I am a 36 year old English (Yorkshire) woman with a two year old daughter and have been living in Ibiza for five years. I own my own antique shop which is very nice but, unfortunately, I think I am falling out of love with the island. I am sick of the sight of my...