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    criminal record report when applying for residency

    In an attempt to be prepared to go to the registro civil to apply for residency for myself and my two children, on the basis of being married to an Argentine, I was wondering if anyone was able to get a criminal record check while here. How did you get it? We are from Fairfax County, VA...
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    digital coto

    I know that Coto isn't necessarily as cheap as other markets, and they work in opposition to the small local shops, but due to the ever increasing cost of my local supermercado (way out in Canning, that is the only real choice I have to buy food), I went to I registered...
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    helpful travel site Provides directions by car, or public transportation, as well as providing an approximate fare for taxis and remises.
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    I was wondering if anyone knew of a church/goodwill type place that allows drop off of used clothing. I've discovered that my in-laws have turned the room for the housekeeper a storage room, instead of her bedroom. They've all said it's all old stuff from the kids growing up, but I'm sure there...
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    I have arrived to my Argentine bubble out here in Canning. Wondering if there are any expats that live out this way.
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    technological stuff....

    So some here say it can be done, others say no... What's the deal with bringing televisions, dvd players, and computers? Will these things work with cable and adapters, dvds that are sold there.... etc? We're trying to figure out what to begin to sell, and what will be shipped! Thanks, Jessica
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    Introducing myself

    My husband says we are moving to Buenos Aires. We have tickets to go, but as far as moving there, I'm not so sure. I have agreed to two months, to see if we can "make it" whatever that means. So, he's signed me up for this website, so here I am putting forth a small effort. His family is there...