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    Tax Question

    cmarin, it really is quite easy, when you file your taxes there is a form for the $90'000 deduction but you also need a form to prove you are a resident outside the US nad you did not work more than 30 in the USA per calendar year. Before you accept the assignement you should negotiate carefully...
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    How much do your building porters earn?

    A friend of mine helped administer her building...saw the very high slary of the portero, arranged to fire him and now they outsource cleaning and security, which is what they do anyways...much cheaper and if you dont like the job they are doing you fire tem and get another....without paying a...
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    New Entrance fees for Americans

    Sorry Malbec, you are Argentina americano does indeed mean a USA Mexico, not true, and maybe in many other countries, not true, but here it is true...
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    Obama meets with the terrorist Dalai Lama

    "The Dalai Lama used to be paid by the CIA to carry out terror attacks against he Chinese military. So by the very definition, that makes him a terrorist." So I guess George Washington was a terorist, since, like Lama, he " ...used to ...carry out terror attacks against the (insert British)...
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    Hola, hows life in BA?
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    Alterations Seamstress Tailor

    For the best curtains in town call Teresa Galindo
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    Alterations Seamstress Tailor

    Sorry, I disagree with RWS...Carbone made a suit for me a couple of years ago and I have had nothing but problems with it...the worst money I've ever spent in my life on a suit...and it was not cheap.
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    Superbowl Party?

    what is the address of Sugar?
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    Is there a way to get a DNI faster?

    These guys are serious, but i'm not sure how expensive: Mr. Maggi will be out of the office until January 31, 2010, doing charity work in Africa. Please direct all legal inquiries to his partner, Aldo Spicacci, Esq., at: or El Dr...
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    Taiwanese / Asian Visa ISsue

    I would find it hard to believe that Asians are treated differently, but I could be wrong. The biggest issue I see for a person from Taiwan is the small detail that Taiwan barely exists, diplomatically speaking that that means since there are hardly any embassies in Tapei, you have to...
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    Transfer money out of Argentina

    there are two ways, one through a bank and another through a cambista (exchange house)....unless you have a very special reason to want to go through a bank i would recommend a cambista...and I would be glad to recemmend to you a couple of reputable ones to check out, just let me know. It's...
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    Hotel Contacts?

    The general manager of the Hilton in puerto madero is a real nice fellow, his name is Tilo Joos, phone number 4891 0144, he may be able to give you some tips.
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    Buenos Aires is Beautiful

    I wonder why any of you who DON'T like Bs As are it because some court ordered you here? I doubt it. If you don't like it, leave. V E R Y S I M P L E.
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    Homesickness. What do you do?

    My advice is get a romantic interest and you'll be amazed at how quickly all your sadness goes away....and if this interest is a local your Spanish and cultural awareness will improve by leaps and bounsds.
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    Uruguay VS Argentina, as Expat Destination

    I have lived both in Bs As and in Montevideo, and I agree with gouchobob. But keep in mind, when one talks about "Argentina" one must be more specific....I think of Argentina as two countries, one being Buenos Aires city and the other the "rest of the country." The City is a bif, hectic...
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    Concert, Swedish Church, Fri 19 th

    Where is the Swedish church?
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    Tango show?

    Another nice option for a lot of nice tango dancing plus dinner and all of the red wine your liver can handle is Complejo Tango...$280 per person. Located on Avenida Belgrano just down from Jujuy (Pueyrredon) in a nice old building full of character.
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    Customs and Ezeiza

    I eventually hired a despachante de aduana, and, $653 pesos later, I had my box of 30 brochures.
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    Customs and Ezeiza

    My experience is it's just luck...or bad luck. I had a package of brochures, value zero, held up for 2 months....but another package, via Fedex, with chocolates valued at usd100, that got right through.
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    Photographers and creative people living in BA

    You may want to contact this person, she is a serious photographer, anglo argentine living in Bs As: