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    Legal Translation

    I need to get a legal translation of a few documents (birth certificate, etc) and was wondering if anyone knew where I could go to get this done. I already have an apostille for them but now just need the official translation. Does it need to be a school of translators approved translator? If...
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    new to site

    hi all, i'm a 23 y/o girl from the states. I have been living in bsas for a year now but only found this website recently. i'm in the process of applying for a work visa AND searching for an apartment. i have a job with a company down here who is helping me through the work visa project but it...
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    Before you move-imporant documents

    Thanks for the info! I'm currently applying for a work visa here and the require 6 passport style photos. Do you know if the photos should be Argentinean style (with the 3/4 turn) or straight on (I'm from the in the 'states style')?