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    Why does argentina support two currencies?

    i must admit to being completely clueless on the double currency standard, the use of pesos and us$ in argentina. Properties are sold in dollars, title deeds quote dollars and people buy and sell dollars everywhere. Other than argentines being nervous about holding pesos, is there a legal or...
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    The coming USA currency crisis and Argentina

    What will be the impact on argentine property values if the USD continues to devalue and is ultimately replaced by an new international reserve currency backed by gold and oil? Will argentina ditch the dollar for the new reserve? Will property valuations be performed using the new currency or...
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    Mortgages, what are the options here in BA?

    I'm looking for some advice. Do you know anything about the mortgage market here in Buenos Aires and can you recommend a product without exorbitant establishment fees or interest? I've been looking around and the private, non-bank mortgage companies are prohibitively expensive... For example...
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    Can anybody recommend a great bar in Palermo?

    I want to head out for some drinks and would like to know which bars and clubs you recommend in Palermo, mainly around Hollywood. A fun crowd, good prices, chill out music and 25-45 age group... where do you recommend I go?
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    Calling all IT professionals in BA

    Hi All I'm an IT professional and would like to meet other professionals here in Buenos Aires to chat about technology, work opportunities and other geeky stuff. You know what I'm talking about :) Anyway, if you're interested, respond here or send me a PM and I'll organise a get together...
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    Baby cot for sale

    Hi All My daughter has now outgrown her cot so it is now for sale. It is white, suitable for babies 3months - 2 years old. It has detachable sides so that the baby is kept safe, does not wander or fall out of bed. The mattress is brand new - 6 months old. I paid $450 second had for this bed 2...
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    New single bed for sale - great value.

    Hi All, I've just moved apartments and now have a spare single bed for sale. Style: ensemble on wheels - lower and upper mattresses on wheels. Age: 6 months old Location: Palermo Hollywood Price: ARS$ 500.00 I paid $1500 for this bed 6 months ago and it now sells for ARS $1950. It was used a...
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    Frustrated by the ARS 300 ATM limit?

    Hi All After much searching I've found that for now, Cirrus Networked ATM's will issue much larger sums than the 300 pesos per transaction from Banelco Networked ATM's. 98% of the ATM's in Argentina are Banelco networked so I avoid them like the plague. Not only are they a security risk, it...
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    For Sale - 2nd hand study desks - glass

    Hi All, While it's not a service, I have just moved house and have two stylish glass top desks for sale. The Z Frame desks are black with clear glass tops. I'm asking ARS $200.00 each. Cell: 15 6002 2345. Thanks Trev P.S. I must be blind but I couldn't find a 'For Sale' forum on this site...
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    Unfurnished Apartment Required

    Hi I'm looking to rent an unfurnished 1 or 2 bedroom apartment in Palermo, Belgrano or Nunez for 6 - 24 months from December 1st. If you have an apartment to rent or know of somebody who does then please contact me at the following address: 'trevor(at)' Replace the(at) with @...
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    Looking for an Apartment to rent

    Hi AllI'm looking for an apartment to rent for two years in Palermo, Belgrano or Recoletta. Here's what I need:* Unfurnished * Long lease * 2 Bedrooms minimumIf you have something or know somebody who does then please e-mail me. trevor [at] or call on 15 6002 2345.Thanks Trevor