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    New Dni Card Not Needed For Residents

    After 2 weeks calling, emailing, tweeting to different "canales de atencion" of Migraciones/RNP, and even having a turno for this Friday (will leave the country in a few months so wanted to have that settled) they confirmed me via Twitter that those with the "Bordó" DNI /residencia don't have to...
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    Recoleta Whole Apartment For Rent (2Br)

    Hey, have a family apartment for rent starting on December. You can pass by to check it out or ask me for photos (will take some soon to not bother the current guest) - 2 bedroom apt in Recoleta - 1 block away from Santa Fe and Callao - Close to Subway's D line/dozens of bus lines/many...
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    Looking For Roommate (Until Dec'13) - Recoleta Apt.

    Hi, looking for a roommate to share a 2 bedroom apt in Recoleta (1 block from Santa Fe and Callao) There's 2 bedrooms (would give up the one you prefer. One is much bigger with queen bed but has some stuff from the owner. other is smaller but office like with computer desk) Big living room if...
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    Multimedia guy

    Just got back from a California trip and looking to offer my services as freelancer to get back on track after seeing how prices went up. Need to charge more or work more, going for the latter. Also open to work inhouse, part-time preferably. Willing to do Full-time if the position lures me but...