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    Loft/Office Wanted

    Seeking commercial loft/office space for music company. Ok if it's rough around the edges. Palermo, almagro, or Las Canitas prefered. Microcentro, San Telmo considered for the right place/price. 1500 m2 +
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    Tennis Anyone

    Dear Forum Members, I would like to know if anyone knows a good tennis club and/or would like a tennis partner. I would describe myself as a solid intermediate player. My wife also plays if there are any couples who would like to play mixed doubles. Please let me know, thanks, Jeff
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    After almost three long months of waiting our stuff finally arrived from the US. Now, I need some renter's insurance. I heard banks provide that here. Does anyone have a good insurance person they can recommend who speaks English? Any advice, recommendations, etc would be appreciated. I feel...
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    Notary Public

    I'm selling a property in the US and therefore need to get a document notarized. Does anyone know where I can get this done? Someone suggested the US embassy but I have not be able to get in touch with them to find out if they offer notary service. If anyone knows where one could get a document...
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    My wife and I are interested in going to see a polo match. Does anyone know how to get tickets? Anyone interested in going? Please let me know! Thanks, Jeff
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    Record/Publishing Co Seeks Intern(s)

    Expat Records ( is an independent record and publishing company based in Buenos Aires. We are seeking interns to help with new artist on-boarding, A&R, video and graphic arts production, project coordination, and the like. For someone who is spending some time in Buenos...
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    all about the Scrilla & the dolla dolla billa

    How are people moving their money into BA? I heard that there is some sort of a tax on money which is transfered in? Does anyone know if this is true? Will the banks there take deposits from US banks? Any insight people have on how they are handling transferring funds from abroad to BA and/or...
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    Moving Company

    We are moving to Buenos Aires in January (from Chicago, IL USA) and are looking for a reliable moving company. We have also heard that some people pay customs agents to make sure their stuff goes through. If any of you could recommend a moving company and/or a customs agent or share your...