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    Ultima Prorroga after 6 months...the perma-tourist crackdown is real

    No worries Kate! I was up to 5 before becoming legal! As Johnny commented, it all comes down to your luck the day you cross in. Worst case scenario you get a stern lecture. If that happens, just mention you're "en tramite", it might help out in a jam.
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    Football tickets

    Hehe, I can also confirm the stadium purchase; I got fake tickets from a random scalper... and yes, that is plural. My most bitter experience in Buenos Aires to date. I'm not expert enough to tell when they are real or fake tickets, but with currency...I have become an expert (my second most...
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    Argentina Crime a reality check

    I blame inflation. I really don't understand how the lower class can even hope to move up or save here. It comes as no surprise that many turn to crime just to keep up.
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    Football tickets

    I can confirm- reliable. I actually just used them for the second time last week for the Boca/Argentina Juniors game. All good with me- small operation, but good customer service.
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    River v. Racing tickets?

    Ask some of the tour providers if they sell just the tickets and not the tour (tour = transportation, bilingual guide, ticket and where you join a larger group). I've been successful in the past from time to time when I couldn't find a ticket. Try Tangol, Green Gol or LandingPadBA. Also...
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    Chinatown Bakery

    I've seen them in a few places, just walk around and check out a few of the grocery stores. You'll find them. As for quality compared to of luck.
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    Yellow Legal Pads - Where to buy?

    I'm looking for the same. I'll let you know if I find them.
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    got harassed by the cops last night

    Bah! "Harassed" ... more like stopped. I agree with Steve, there's a big difference there.
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    So, I'm being sued by the cleaning lady..

    My lawyer buddy here says that they often bluff people with official letters and such to see if they can settle outside of court. Court cases can last years and cost money. Granted his work revolves around a different sort of law than labor disputes, how serious does it seem/look?
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    Thoughts on Spanglish?

    I thought the same thing, but its not like that. The times I went, there were a couple of dudes that looked that part, but the majority were locals interested in improving their English and foreigners from all different places trying to practice their Spanish. They have a few moderators that...
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    Counterfeit Bills and Magic Mustard on Your Head

    I saw this a while back; There are pictures on page two of the article, sorry I couldn't get it to work.
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    The New Kid

    There's an amateur team called the Shankees that I've seen around on other sites; Might try getting in touch with them?
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    Hey Aida- You found the right place to help you over the next 6 months with any questions you may have. Making friends/improving your Spanish: The program Spanglish is good for that. You'll meet Argentines that want to improve their English and that are willing to help you improve your...
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    CDI/Opening Bank Account Account

    Sorry about the newbie question but what's a CDI do?
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    Some thoughts

    Just curious, how do you know that? Are you in the field?
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    Any English Bookstore

    Don't know if you already saw this on the main page, but its right up your ally: Thursday, 13 August Buenos Aires Book Crawl[] Do you want some real excitement? Do you want to spend hours skimming through cover flaps, making mental reading lists and searching through dusty...
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    Buying to rent in BA

    Not a bad idea. If its furnished and ready to roll for the short term stay then you can get good USD rental fees. The only problem is who to leave in charge of it while you're living abroad if that's what you are planning on doing. If you're staying here then you connect up with a bunch of...
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    Crime in BsAs - anyone?

    My phone and Ipod were taken out of my jacket in a club. It was foolish, I know, but I left the jacket behind with friends who ended up making out. Came back to find them just getting up to dance and both my and my friend's jackets had been moved down several feet from where they were sitting...
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    Banelco now charging 11 pesos - Any experience with HSBC?

    How do you file a complaint? I am not happy! And can I open a bank account here without a DNI with someone other than Banco Piano? I'm angling towards a more common bank with a debit card option.
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    Argentine Women Are All...

    Haha! Steve has said it best! That best sums up my successes here as well!