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    Bringing a 77 year old friend to live in Argentina

    Thanks for all the private messages I received regarding Roy :) Have a good night. Pablo :.
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    Bringing a 77 year old friend to live in Argentina

    Hello folks. My name is Pablo. I used to live in the US in the past (for about 6 years) and returned to Argentina in 2007. While living there, my wife and I made a very good friendship with an person that I consider as my own father. His name is Roy. I dare to say I did really good in life l...
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    Cali guy in BA

    Where are you from? I lived in Del Mar (San Diego) for about two years :)
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    Dumping Ecuador for Argentina

    I would say the south is the best place to be. The Patagonia is just amazing... my wife and I were there in February and we are seriously thinking about moving to San Martin de los Andes. We rented a duplex located on the main street for 250 pesos per day, beautifull, when we asked for the...
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    Please advise on phone companies!

    Hi there Mish! I got a VOIP line at and pay 35 dollars every 6 months for a Buenos Aires land line incoming number, plus only 1 cent per minute to almost every destination in the world. If you buy a PAP2 addapter at , you can connect a regular wireless...