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    supermarket lines

    Fact: the service in supermarkets is usually crap. Most smaller shops are friendlier and customer -oriented.
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    supermarket lines

    The Coto on Cabildo in Belgrano is hell. What about conveyors that run?! Ever been to an ALDI in Australia or Europe? Quick as! Pack it yourself (not a plastic bag for every fricking item either), but move the trolley so we can serve the next customer. Customer service. Como???
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    supermarket lines

    Hear hear! What does the word 'rapida' in 'caja rapida' refer to? :-)
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    Poll: 44% of Americans wants Bush back

    @ HotYogaTeacher: hear, hear!
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    Major Differences Between B.A. and Thailand

    I agree with Gouchobob: there is less variety here in terms of food and the cost of living here may be cheaper compared to New York or Moscow (whatever list or ranking you apply), but having spent several years both in Bangkok and Chiang Mai I can honestly say that Thailand continues to be one...
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    Major Differences Between B.A. and Thailand

    The only thing that seems to be cheaper here is the wine. Never succeeded in getting any decent bottle for less than 450 baht in Thailand. Other than the obvious - food and climate - expect a lot of the same in terms of 'things that could be improved'. One other plus - if you wish - is that...
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    Football Ireland vs Italy - Anywhere to watch?

    Liam, I'd be interested in the website you mentioned -:) Cheers
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    Power socket same as Australia?

    Totally agree with AussiesInBa. All the stuff I brought from OZ has worked w/o any probs.
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    Incredibly High Import Fees

    I sent two boxes (by registered mail!) from Thailand (15 and 20 kgs each) with personal belongings, nothing new (cosas usadas) and after 16 months they still haven't arrived. They left Thailand, arrived and left Hong Kong and then there was ...nothing. I wouldn't mind paying some impuestos, but...
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    Personally, I wouldn't pay any money in advance. There are plenty of apartments around. Check out Give Pedro a call or send him an email and he will drive you around when you get here. Speaks good Englsih too.
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    Coin shortage in Argentina - WSJ Article

    I'm with you, Lee. And I don't think that attitude is part of the problem.
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    Any Dutch People around? Nederlanders....?

    Hi I'm Dutch and I will be back in BsAs in February, unfortunately without my two children. Groetjes Frank
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    New and nice studio U$S 620 Monthly (all included) in Palermo Soho - Buenos Aires

    Hi Miriam Would you be able to give me an address for the apartment? Just curious as to where exactly it is located, close to Santa Fe or Fitzroy? Saludos Frank