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    4 & 5 year old expat brothers seeking English speaking playmates

    I am having the same problem , we moved 3 yrs ago from NY. Mi kids are little older 7 and 12. The 12 yrs old is fine, but my 7 yrs old.... he wants to speak spanish all the time..........
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    Sugar bar will be open for the inagural at 230pm?
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    and at what time it would be?
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    American Babysitter

    Hi can you please send me you resume, and contact information? Thks Nathalie ps.
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    Hello there!

    Hi Do you work with kids?
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    Congratulations Mr Obama!

    Congratulation to us all... We got America Back................
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    new from los angeles

    hi everybody We also moved last year from NY, my kids are 9 and 4 yrs old..... Here we are adapting...... We would love to have a playdate group.... any suggestions?? Nathalie
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    americans with kids

    Any social group, club or event that can we recommended in Zona Norte?