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    Any English teachers need classes?

    Just wanted to let everyone know that one of the institutes I work for, American Training Company, is looking for more teachers - ASAP! I've told some friends but all of their schedules are full. You can either send me a message if you have any questions or email them directly. Good luck!
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    Photographs of Buenos Aires and more!

    Hi all! I am happy to say that I have started selling some photos of Buenos Aires, as well as Argentina and other parts of the world. They are available now at (This is the best site ever for all you crafty people out there!) I think it is very...
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    1 day Argentine cooking class?

    Does anyone know of any cooking classes for 1 day (or half day, rather)? My mom is coming to visit and I think it would be great to learn to make some local dishes together. The only one I've found it Teresita's that is kinda out of the way...I'm in Palermo if anyone knows anything around here?
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    Closed Door Wine Tasting!

    I know a lot of people have been looking for wine tastings in and around the city to try out some of the local wines. I went to a great tasting with an amazing picada and recommend it to all! It seems a little expensive (US$40) but I left very happy and filled :) It's in las Canitas, so you can...
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    Alternative to Intensive Spanish Classes? For Working Expats

    I have been living and working in BA for several months now. It has come to my attention that I have many English-teaching friends would like to improve their Spanish, but don’t have the time or money to commit to an intensive course or private lessons. I am coming up with an idea to present to...
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    Art supplies?

    Does anyone know a good and relatively cheap art supply store in the city, preferrably somewhere in Palermo or the Center? Specifically I am looking for card stock, spray photo adhesive, and gel pens. It would also be great to know where to get pictures printed for cheap but good quality...
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    Volunteering at Organic Farm in BA?

    I've heard that there is an organic farm here in capital federal. Does anyone know about this? Where it is/how to get in touch/how to volunteer, etc.? It is incredibly hard to volunteer in this country - either they charge you an arm and a leg or you have to do a 20 hr/wk intership. Anyone got...