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  1. domthegreat

    Moving Around in CABA without Essential Worker Permission

    Hi everyone I was wondering if anyone has had an experience taking a taxi or Cabify/Uber/etc. in the city recently. I have taken one or two but only to go down to the bank in my area. I need to bring supplies to a family we are friends with...but they are in Constitución and we are in Las...
  2. domthegreat

    Good Tailor For Suit Alterations

    Hi Everyone, I am wondering if anyone here has a good tailor they can recommend for suit alterations. I am looking for a real tailor with experience working on mens suits. In particular, I want someone that is competent to make somewhat major adjustments to my suits, including taking in...
  3. domthegreat

    Gym Terminology

    So, after yet another strange look on the face of my fellow gym members yesterday over something I said, I have decided that maybe it would be best (and helpful to others) to ask for input. While I could just Google the terms for standard Spanish (What I did in the past) it appears that there...
  4. domthegreat

    Chiropractor Recommendation?

    Needing a chiropractor in Capital. Does anyone have a doctor they can recommend, preferably near Las Cañitas/Belgrano/Palermo? We have Accord Salud, but it doesnt look like they have one for our plan. If you know how much an adjustment costs that would also be helpful to know. Thanks for the...
  5. domthegreat

    Bottles Of Booze Coming Through Customs

    Wondering if anyone knows what the limit is for brining in booze from abroad. I got a work trip coming up soon to KY right near a few great bourbon distilleries and I was thinking of loading up my checked baggage. I know in the US its something like 2 liters per person. Does anyone know what...
  6. domthegreat

    Monitor For Macbook - Buy Here Or "import"?

    Im looking to get a new monitoring for my macbook pro. I am not too worried about high res and all the fancy specs that the latest and greatest have to offer I just want something big (maybe 25"+) so I don't have to crink my neck all day long looking down at my laptop. I am wondering about...
  7. domthegreat

    Granted Permanent Residency - Now What?

    I just got news today that my case for residency was finally approved!!! I applied for residency through my marriage to my Argentine wife and after a long battle over my criminal background check I finally was approved today. My question involves what I do now. Do I wait for them to assign me...
  8. domthegreat

    Fbi Report - Taking Own Fingerprints?

    Long story short - I need to redo my FBI background check to complete my residency process and I was wondering if anyone here had ever taken their own fingerprints for the report. I see that you can download the fingerprint card and make the impressions yourself and then send it along with your...
  9. domthegreat

    Restaurants Open On New Year's Day

    Im looking for ideas on what might be open downtown today. I have family visiting and today is their last day. We are going to Plaza de Mayo and then for lunch. Anyone know if any of the pizza places downtown are open? Perhaps you went to one that was open on Christmas??? Thanks!
  10. domthegreat

    Getting International Driver's Permit In Ba

    Greetings all! I wanted to see if anyone had experience getting an international driver's permit here locally in BA. We are going on a trip to Europe in September and I just noticed that I will need a IDP for driving in Italy and Spain. I see you can order them from AAA and Motorclub in the US...
  11. domthegreat

    Documents From Usa Needed For Arg Residency Process

    I am looking to start my residency process in Argentina when I return from the US this week. I am wondering what kind of documents and legalizations I need to make while I have here in the US that I cannot do from BA. I am married to an Argentine citizen and I have always been nothing but a...
  12. domthegreat

    Bitcoin Trading In Ba - How To Get Started

    Fellow Expats, I recently became interested in trading Bitcoins here in BA as a way to (1) get a better exchange rate than Xoom and (2) exchange easier than Xoom. OBviously, when I am in Argentina for a long period of time, I do not have access to cash in the form of dollars to hit up the...
  13. domthegreat

    Xoom Being Charged As Cash Advance?

    The last 3 people who I know that sent money using Xoom have been as a cash advance. We have all been using Xoom for almost a year now and have never had this problem before. Does anyone else have any experience lately using credit cards with Xoom?
  14. domthegreat

    Duty Free On Buquebus

    Does anyone know if they sell iPods in the duty free on Buquebus? If not, do you know if they have them at Ezieza at Duty Free for a reasonable price?
  15. domthegreat

    Can You Xoom USD To Uruguay and Pick It Up?

    I had a crazy thought today, is it possible to use Xoom to send USD to be picked up in Uruguay? If so it seems this would be much easier than going the ATM in Colonia route that seems to be causing so many people problems. Could this be a new source for getting USD here in BA?
  16. domthegreat

    New Dollar Restrictions

    DId anyone else see this today? Any clue whether this will effect Argentine credit card purchases online?
  17. domthegreat

    Xooming Dollars To Uruguay?

    Does anyone know if you can just Xoom dollars to yourself for pickup in Uruguay and then bring them back with you to Argentina? I know that for Argentina Xoom says you can send and pickup dollars in person at MoreMT, but we all know that is a complete fantasy...I was wondering if anyone had...
  18. domthegreat

    Possible Solution to Dollars Crunch???

    It just occurs to me that their might be alternatives to the need for dollars here. Maybe I am missing something here but... Why can't Argentines just purchase other more stable currencies, such as the Real, or Euros instead of dollars? The blue rate dollar is higher than the euro...even...
  19. domthegreat

    Xoom Limit of 10,000 pesos?

    I want to transfer some money to my girlfriend via Xoom. I have read before on here that there is some kind of limit of 10,000 pesos per transaction that you can perform. Does anyone have information on that? I already sent her about 9,000 last month through Xoom, and we had to fill out some...
  20. domthegreat

    Xoom to Arg Bank = Pick Up In Dollars?

    So I am wondering about any way we can get dollars from our banks in the US here. For example, I know that we can use Xoom to get a great exchange rate here, but we cannot pick up dollars. What about using Xoom to transfer dollars to my girlfriend's (she is Argentine) bank account, could she...