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    Be Careful Out There
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    Coming Back To Ba For A Visit

    So after an 8 month absence, I'm finally heading back to BA for a week long visit! We have a friend getting married and I need to see my inlaws, so back to BA I come. What am I looking forward to? Siga La Vaca the first day, El Mirasol the next, Asado at the wedding, and then Asado on Sunday...
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    How The Ups Handles The Unions

    Just an article I saw about UPS and how they handle the out of control Unionists. If this happened in Argentina they'd shut off the subte, block all bondi routes, block of 9 de Julio, and all pandemonium would ensue...
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    You Guys Have It Alll Wrong

    Inflation was only 10.9% in 2013. lol
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    Nothing We Don't Already Know Just for fun...
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    Venezuela - Sound Familiar?
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    Pay Your Debt Cfk
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    Expat Website For Argies In Us?

    Hey there guys, This is a shot in the dark, but is anyone aware of an expat website for Argentines that are living in the US? I met my wife in BA and we moved back to Miami a couple months ago. I know BAExpats was a great website to help me connect with people from the US so I'd like to...
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    10 Nations With The Least Favorable Impression Of The U.s.

    It goes without saying that we remain unpopular in a few places. Here are the 10 nations with the least favorable impression of the U.S., according to Pew: 1. Pakistan (percentage with a favorable view of the United States: 11%) 2. Jordan (14%) 3. Palestinian territories (16%) 4. Egypt (16%) 5...
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    Hey guys, I was looking to see if i can get some up to date information about crossfit classes near Palermo. I did a search on the topic and only found older posts. Since i moved back to the States I've fallen in love with crossfit and cant seem to get enough of it. I'll be coming back to BA...
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    Taking Paintings Out of the Country

    Hey guys, this prob won't apply to most of you, but I just thought I'd throw it out there for future reference. I came into BA last week with a painting of myself and my now fiance :) because I was planning on proposing to her and it was one of the many gifts that I showered her with. The...
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    Hurricane party

    I came back to Argentina last week and was loving the nice weather!! til today...Coming from West Palm Beach whenever we had weather like this we threw a Hurricane Party. It's nasty nasty out there!! Is anyone doing anything fun while the storm passes?
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    What Keeps You In Argentina?

    There have been numerous posts in regards to this prior, but I'm interested in hearing expat thoughts on how they feel in today's environment. What really keeps you in Argentina that you can't find in your native country? I myself no longer live in BA, but my fiance still lived down there and...
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    FAST Internet Office Recommendation

    Hey there guys, I'm officially back down in Argentina for two weeks and am in need of fast internet. I trade commodities for a living and am looking to rent out some office space containing the fastest internet possible. I had the 15mb when I was living in Mirabilia and even that was a bit...
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    Happy memorial day!

    Happy Memorial Day to all you expats out there whom have served our country. We're thinking about you all here in the US and are very grateful for your service. THANK YOU!!!
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    END of the ROAD

    So I'm sitting here at Ezeiza waiting for my flight to take me back to Miami where i started this journey from two years ago. I sold all my things in BA, packed up the rest of my belongings and I'm out of the country that I so fell in love the beginning. Bottom line is I couldn't...
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    Another CFK Corralito

    I don't know if there have been other threads in regards to this, but just like in 2001 where the gov't confiscated all the money in banks CFK is now basically doing the same thing by limiting the amount of foreign currency each individual is allowed to change their pesos for based upon how much...
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    FREE FISH TANK and accessories

    HEY GUYS, I'm moving back to the states and have an aquarium with accessories that I tried to sell, but had no takers. I really don't know what to do with it so I'm willing to give it to the first person who's interested. There's nothing wrong with it and I literally got this thing a year...
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    MOVING SALE (Palermo Hollywood)

    Hey everyone! I'm going to be heading back to the States the beginning of November so I'm selling everything that's not bolted down! All of my things have been used for about a year, were bought new, and have very little wear and tear on them. It's a shame to be parting with most of my...
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    Takes one to know one....

    Is it just me, or do a majority of the expat comments seem negative? Now here me out... I look back to some of my previous posts (when I first got here to BA) and I was happy as a lark. Nothing but positive comments other than the fact that I think Argentinians are whiners and complainers...