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    Waiting in line at the supermarket

    I stopped going to Disco a long time ago -- they are notorious for slow checkout. I find that Jumbo has a pretty fast checkout process (and a lot more cashiers than a Disco). I walk the 20 minutes to Jumbo every couple of weeks just for the nice experience, and of course great variety in...
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    Apartments Forum

    Same happened to me a couple of weeks ago. I just tried posting again to the Apartment Rentals and Roommates forum -- hope it works this time.
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    Seeking: No-Fee Apartment for Rent (Palermo Soho/Las Cañitas)

    Hi everyone, I am looking for a no-fee apartment for rent with the following requirements: Palermo Soho or Las Cañitas 1 bedroom furnished 50+ m2 modern: high-speed internet, air/heat, laundry, etc. balcony or other type of private outdoor space takes pets - I have a 3 kilo dog decent closet...