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    2 Bedroom Duplex Penthouse In The Recoleta For Lease / Sale

    Firmly established as the most cultured neighborhood in Buenos Aires, most of the city's finest hotels are located on its broad avenues, near fashionable boutiques and restaurants. The city's most exclusive neighborhood, La Recoleta wears a distinctly European face. Tree-lined avenues lead past...
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    How do you sell US dollars in Buenos Aires

    Call me, I have a great guy that gives me the best rate ever.
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    Phisically carrying USD

    Money Belt
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    Ricky martin september 16, friday

    Would like to find / join a group to go to see Ricky Martin on Friday September 16th at the Estadio Monumental de Núñez River Plate , Argentina,Arg Maybe we can go directly to the location and get choice tickets without paying extra expensive fees. Don't know how to contact the Box Office...
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    July 4th on Sunday the 3rd.

    Are there any groups meeting for July4th on Sunday the 3rd to celebrate Independence Day in the US of A? Would love to be part of a BBQ. I will bring dessert!
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    Expat Meet Up Friday July 8th!

    Count me in. Judithe in Recoleta
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    Chili cook-off

    I am a chef, tell me more.
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    legal recommendation sought

    Here is a recommendation of the best Attorney for all of your needs here in Buenos Aires. He speaks fluent English and is a man of integrity. I am sure you will be pleased with this referral. He also puts out a very informative newsletter in English as well as Spanish. I suggest you get on...
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    No-frills Strategy for Obtaining Residence

    1. Come as an ""Artist" 2. Marry an Argentine 3. Bring beaucoup bucks 4. Buy Property 5. Invest in the country.
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    Think about it?

    PS. Go and rent a Brazilian film "PIXOTE" Would love to hear what you think of this.
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    Think about it?

    That is just a snapshot of the world around us. We are the only ones that are able to make a difference but if we just start with our immediate surroundings it sometimes has a most profound and ripple effect. Do it from within your own heart. It will do you more good than the recipient. Promise.
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    Bed Sheet Sizes

    Here a double bed, "standard" is 140 X 190 and is considered "dos placas". That is a double by US standards. I buy sheets at Bed Bath and Bankrupt as a double set and it fits fine. Try to get a mattress cover, protector as well. Good Investment.
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    brazilian visa

    Go to the Brazilian consulate but bring beaucoup bucks, it is about 150 USD.
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    cooking items

    Leche Condensada
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    Organic Apple Cider Vinegar in Buenos Aires?

    Try Esquina de las Flores. It is a health food chain store or you can find them on line. Hope this helps, Judithe
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    Buying a mattress

    I too am looking for a good mattress for a double size bed. The one i spent a lot on just a few years ago is crap. Where can i buy a good mattress at a reasonable price. I have a very bad back and i need a firm, quality mattress. Does anyone have experience with this problem?
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    Luxury Apartment for Rent by Owner in Recoleta 3 to 10 months.

    FURNISHED RENTAL FOR APARTMENT FROM 3 MONTHS MINIMUM UP TO ONE YEAR. For a sideshow of photographs of the apartment, please click or past the link below. Please contact Judithe Nicolai @...
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    Does anyone know of the cheapest way to and from EZE to SFO

    Looking for cheap flights back and forth from BA to San Francisco. Do you know of any special deals or how to find them. Thanks, Jude
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    DATASOFT in a gallery in the 500 block of Florida
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    Chef wanted

    Hi, I am a Chef and Culinary Educator here in BA. Please call Judithe at 4803-8509. Great idea. Judithe Nicolai