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    Money being held by Argentine banks?

    I read on a blog (sorry don't have the source right now) that when people wire in money to a bank in Argentina that the banks freeze a LARGE CHUNK of the money for a very long time! Is this really true? Can someone talk about the details and their experiences with this. Seems to me this could...
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    Advice needed for Argentina Country Profile

    Hello, writing again from Forum for Americans Retiring Abroad. The traffic and posts are finally starting to pick up, so I would like to include some more countries in the Retirement Country Profiles section. I don't have Argentina yet. I spent some time in BA and...
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    American Retired Expat Specific Issues

    Hi there, I love Buenos Aires, but have chosen to retire in Thailand instead. I am running a forum board for Americans retiring abroad, including of course Argentina. This board doesn't compete with this charming site, rather it is an international board with this focus. For example, it is a...
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    Mate, an Aphrodisiac?

    Now, we all know mate has some interesting properties. I took to it right away although I am not wild about the taste, it is kind of habit forming. Well, er, despite my handle here, I am a 50 year old male, and I noticed some, shall we say, suprising effects from the mate. I tend to do large...
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    Landing Card Issue to Fly out of EZE

    I am sure someone knows the answer to this, so please help me out, I am stressed. I am here in BA for six weeks (love it, btw) and I went on a day trip to Colonia. Here is my possible problem, or do I have a problem? Upon leaving on Buquebus, Argentine immigration took my STAMPED LANDING...
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    Getting Medications in Pharmacies

    I will be there soon and need a basic inhaler medication for asthma (proventil, albuterol). It needs a prescription in the US, but not in many other countries. Does anyone know if I can just buy it in a pharmacy there without a scrip? Otherwise, can any recommend a basic private clinic with an...