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  1. gracielle

    ARG: Feliz Dia de la Independencia 2021!

    "Viva La Patria"....205 Years of Independence. Allegory of the Declaration of Independence, by Luis de Servi. Painting on canvas on the ceiling of the Salon Blanco of the Casa Rosada.
  2. gracielle

    USA: Happy Fourth of July 2021!

  3. gracielle

    "The Government partially regulated the teleworking law" 20 January 2021 ....what the decree says. It was published this Wednesday in the Official Gazette and the text was expected by the businessmen, who in recent months had...
  4. gracielle

    Cost of a ticket for international flights goes up due to a tariff increase... 15 January 2021 Due to the increase in a rate, the cost of tickets for international flights becomes more expensive International air tickets are more expensive...
  5. gracielle

    Season's Greetings from the Coffee Chat Group

    MAY the NEW YEAR bring HEALTH and GLAD TIDINGS to ALL! Neil & Gracielle
  6. gracielle

    "How will the new adjustment of the CABA ABL be starting in January".... 1 December 2020 ....The Tax on Lighting, Sweeping and Cleaning (ABL) of the City of Buenos Aires will be adjusted on a monthly basis starting next January and will take as a reference the...
  7. gracielle

    New Version of the DNI... 24 November 2020 The cases in which the new version of the document must be processed New DNI: how it will be, what price it will have and what will happen with the previous versions The new version...
  8. gracielle

    Fernández announced extension of quarantine for 2 weeks, until August 30 14 August 2020...1:07pm Alberto Fernández: "Health systems begin to show worrying levels of occupation" President Alberto Fernández announced the extension of the quarantine for two more...
  9. gracielle

    "The Political Plot and The Economic Lobby Behind the Vaccine"

    Replay of Editorial by moderator, Laura Di Marco. Shown live this Thursday at 10:00pm on the prime time TV show in La Nacion+ Castellano. The topic of the editorial is in reference to the...
  10. gracielle

    Another boondoggle project carried out by the K's

    Does anyone believe that there will be jobs created by this gov't for those currently receiving the IFE ($10.000 pesos per month) thru ANSES? 13 August 2020 Failed project...K...
  11. gracielle

    Re: Cablevision/Fibertel....rate reduction for users of their service(s)

    In mid-July I negotiated a reduction in my monthly Cablevision/Fibertel (50MG) plan from $2990 pesos to $1990 pesos fixed for the next 12 months. I contacted their sales line...0810-122-0200...30 min before closing time at 8:00pm and asked to be transferred to their ASUNTOS ESPECIALES dept...
  12. gracielle

    Super face masks developed by Conicet scientists can now be purchased 7 August 2020 ANMAT approved its commercialization Super face masks developed by Conicet scientists can now be purchased....commercial name is "Atom-Protect" ....The mask has a triple layer of...
  13. gracielle

    The Fernandez's are sending a bill to Congress to reform Argentina's justice system 1 August...
  14. gracielle

    "Coronavirus: Oxford vaccine triggers immune response"
  15. gracielle

    Latest evolution data of infections in neighborhoods in CABA 7 June 2020 ....Seven of the first 12 people tested in Balvanera are infected Seven of the 12 residents of Balvanera who had been swabbed yesterday during the door-to-door operation turned...
  16. gracielle

    COVID-19 vaccine development pipeline gears up

    To be published on The Lancet on June 06, 2020
  17. gracielle

    Editorial by Carlos Pagni re: A review of the negotiations with the holdouts

    Political columnist for the newspaper LA NACION. He is professor of History at the National University of Mar del Plata and was professor of the Chair of History of Political Ideas at the Faculty of Law of the National University of Mar del Plata, and researcher at the Emilio Ravignani Institute...
  18. gracielle

    Rentals. The most controversial points of the law that the Senate could approve 3 June 2020 Rentals. The most controversial points of the law that the Senate could approve The rental bill that could be passed tomorrow in the Senate divides the waters between property owners, real...
  19. gracielle

    Small World Money Transfer

    Thank you, lost, for the information. I started a separate thread so people can post their experiences, opinions, etc. On May 26, 2020 posted by lost on Western Union Money Transfer thread: ....has anyone tried Small World Money Transfer to send money to Argentina? They might be an alternative...
  20. gracielle

    TITA, A LIFE IN TANGO TIME...virtual theater performance, access free TITA, A LIFE IN TANGO TIME - Saturday, May 23 from 8:30 p.m. (You have 24 hours to see it) Nacha Guevara plays the mythical Tita Merello in a musical that traverses her life and the history of our country, with its political and social developments. With a cast...