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    Looking for English speaking Dentist and Doctor

    Thank you for the recommendation on the dentist. For a doctor, I'm mainly just looking for a GP. Thanks so much for your help.
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    Best schools to learn Spanish

    I was wondering if anyone had some suggestions for schools/programs to learn Spanish in BA. I can get around without many problems, but I would like to be able to have more in-depth conversations. I'm going to be here until the end of the year, so I hope I should have time. My work schedule...
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    Looking for English speaking Dentist and Doctor

    Does anyone know of a good doctor and/or a good dentist that speak English that they would recommend? Ideally their offices would be in/near Microcenter or Barrio Norte. I had a bad experience with a dentist here that I just looked up, and really need to find someone new. Thanks.
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    Stop Paying Killer ATM Fees

    I contacted BofA through their website and they said they would not be able to offer a refund and that the $5 fees were applied correctly. Any ideas how I should reply? I haven't found an ATM where I can get more than 300 pesos at a time, and the charges end up being over %5 of all money I...