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    Florida Exchange Recommendation

    Any one have any recommended spots to exchange small amounts of usd on florida? Thanks
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    Greatest Hits: Ba Expat Characters And Incidents

    This most recent post about HMS Beagle getting his passport confiscated for apparently no good reason reminds of all the wacky stories I've come across on BA Expats over the years. Not trying to make light of any one's hardships or be insensitive , but come on...some of the situations on here...
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    Flying Out Of Eze April 6Th

    I'm suppose to fly out of EZE the morning of April 6th, which is the same date of the general strike. I'll obviously call the airline as the date gets closer, but has anyone ever had any experience with this? What are the chances I can leave that day? Are all flights usually cancelled the day of...
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    Where To Sell Old Macbook Pro For Parts

    I have an older macbook pro from maybe 2008, battery is dead, charger doesn't work. Thinking I could maybe sell it to someone that wants the parts Any place I could do this in person? I don't have patience for mercado libre. Thanks
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    Two Days In Salta

    I'll have two free days in Salta/Jujuy. Any recommendations on where to go and see? Thanks
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    Gira - Art Gallery Event

    For those interested, Saturday 8pm - 2am there will be an art gallery tour and live music throughout the city. Details below http://www.eldiariod...stival-de-arte/ http://www.panachic....a-buenos-aires/ (spanish/english)
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    Flete Recommendation

    I know this question has been asked here before, but I'm looking for more current recommendations. I'm located in Palermo and not moving far. I'm selling a bed and box spring as well. For anyone interested the listing is in the classifieds section. Thanks!
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    La Paloma, Uruguay

    Planning on going to La Paloma next week for a few days. Can anyone recommend any housing options for a couple? Hotel, small house/apt ? We'll be going by ferry and then by bus, so we won't have a car. Thanks.
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    Road Trip In Argentina

    I'm considering taking a road trip with a couple friends in one or a couple of the provinces in Argentina. I've been in BA for a couple years, but I'm not so familiar with the rest of the country. Our idea is to take a bus or fly to a part of the country and then rent a car for about a week...
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    How You Imagine Forum Members

    I'll start with Ceviche - Due to his avatar and his claims of being lonely and in search of female companionship, I imagine him to be like Dennis in the video below - Rich One - And the infamous Joe -
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    Ezieza Taxi Costs

    Has anyone taken a taxi or remise to EZE and back recently? What did you pay? I was quoted at $420 for a round trip with tolls and an hour wait. I know there are other threads on this but they are probably outdated due inflation.
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    Villa Crespo - Safe?

    Thinking about moving to Villa Crespo. Seems pretty nice during the daytime with cool restaurants, shops, etc., but kinda dark and deserted at night. Anyone live there now? Would you recommend it? I know crime happens in every part of the city, but I'm interested in it's safety relative to...
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    Advertising Agency

    Anyone know of any advertising agencies in Buenos Aires that handle accounts for large clients/brands? Thanks!
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    White macbook for sale

    Macbook 4.1 Intel Core 2 Duo, 2.1GHz 1GB Memory 80GB Hard Drive CD/DVD - RW Comes with Microsoft Office and Adobe Photoshop CS4 Bought in Jan 2009, it has been well taken care of and maintained. However, it needs a new battery. The notebook only works when plugged into a power source...
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    WordPress Expert Wanted

    Hi, I have a wordpress blog and I would like to make a few minor changes. I don't think it should take a developer more than hour or so, its just that I'm still quite an amateur. Also I would prefer to be there when you are making the changes so I can observe and hopefully learn a thing...
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    Argentine Companies/Foreigners

    This might have been touched upon before, if it has please direct me there. I basically want to know, if I start an Argentine company with two other Argentine citizens can I be the majority owner of the company, while just having a tourist visa? Thanks.
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    Ipod Touch 4, 8gb for sale.

    I'm selling an Ipod Touch 4, 8gb still in the box...brand new. It's the latest version has facetime, wifi capability, 2 cameras, hd video. I received it as a gift, but already have an iphone so I don't need both. I'm selling it for 1200 pesos, PM me if you are interested. Thanks!
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    Rent outside of BA

    A buddy and I are looking to get out of BA for the month of February. So we are looking to rent an apartment or house for a month. Does anyone know of any good websites to find temporary housing outside of Buenos Aires, but in Argentina? We aren't looking for "vacation rentals" or cabanas."...
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    Asuncion, Paraguay

    My buddy and I are going to Asuncion for the month of February. Does anyone know of websites to find temporary rentals? Do they exist? Or is a better option just living in Hotel? Thanks in advance, for any information.
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    Starting an Internet Business

    Hi, So I'm thinking about starting up a website focusing on Argentina and I would like to collect advertising money from Argentine businesses. I already have a LLC in the states. So, I would like to register the llc here, in order to legally collect advertising dollars from businesses. What...