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    Sputnik V to be manufactured in Argentina

    Here is a youtube video about this:
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    Is Western Union asking non-residents for a CDI now?

    I think it's a good idea to start a new thread about this as some members might miss posts about this in the super long "Western Union money transfer" thread and, as a result, not be able to pick up funds at a WU agency if they don't have a DNI and a CUIL/CUIT. This was posted yesterday: It...
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    Why I am not planning on taking the vaccine any time soon, if ever

    During the first few months of the "pandemic" (and especially after DJT announced Operation Warp Speed), I began to wonder why it would be so urgent to receive a vaccination against a corona virus that, even in my age bracket, has a 96% survival rate for those who actually contract the illness...
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    How to turn off outgoing call barring in a Moto G6 cell phone?

    The WU ""Wheel Of Fortune has spun again and I have been asked to provide additional information for a transfer I initiated today. They insist that I call them from my registered telephone. I tried to do so but receive a notification in my MOTO G6 that reads: "Can't make outgoing calls while...
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    Adios Netflix!!!

    Yesterday I had to perform a factory reset of my Android TV box and after dosing so, the Nexfilx app which is now available is "not compatible" with my device. When I log onto Nexflix using the browser and hit play on any movie, I get redirected to download the app. If and when my android app...
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    Is Paris burning? Horrific news from France.

    This video includes incredible footage of early stages of the fire as it burned through the roof.
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    Happy Valentine´s Day...well, sort of...

    Since today is Valentine´s Day in the USA, I thought I´d share the only song I've ever heard about this bogus holiday. I first heard it a few weeks ago when I woke up about 2 AM and the power was out (a rare event where I live in Buenos Aires). As I always do, I turned on my portable radio to...
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    Question about a bank transfer to a closed account...

    I recently made purchase on mercado libre and paid the seller in advance for the cost of shipping ($200 pesos). When he took the package to the sucursal of the micro they told him the shipping could only be paid at the destination. I paid the $200 pesos when I picked up the package on Monday...
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    Making a Credit Card Payment After La Fecha de Vencimiento

    I usually pay my entire Argentine credit card balance in full each month. I paid the minimum amount due last Friday as I was waiting for a transfer to be completed before I could pay the entire balance. The transfer was completed on Tuesday but I couldn't connect to the bank's (Santander Rio)...
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    The new and improved website!

    It's a great improvement! PS: More topics on the home page is what I like the most. And it's as easy to use as ever! Thanks, admin!!!
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    So I've Decided To Sell My House But Where Will I Go?

    Well, the buyer will actually be the one who determines the answer to that question. That;s because Iiam offering to sell either my house or the outbuilding "as is" to someone who wants the same thing I did when I bought the property in 2010. I am not listing with any real estate agency and I...
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    Seeking A Reliable And Reasonable Taxi To Eze?

    If anyone is seeking a trustworthy taxi to EZE I can personally recommend Miguel Otin. He lives in Bodeo and has a very nice, nearly new FIAT. The current rate to EZE from CF is $600 pesos, His number is 5667 4457 (WhatsApp number: +54 911 5657 4457) He doesn't speak much English but he is...
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    Surviving The Next Little Ice Age In Argentina

    This winter may be colder in Capital Federal and in the north of Provincia Buenos Aries, but down around Bahia Blanca this winter has been much warmer than any of the previous seven winters I've lived through. July has always been the coldest month of the year here, but there hasn't been a...
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    How To Find Autosaved Posts?

    Does anyone know how to find posts that have been autosaved?
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    The Venezuela Diet: Lose Weight Even If You Don't Need To!

    I wanted to post this in the "articles" category but the drop down menu didn't show that option. "82 per cent of the nation’s households are now living in poverty and 93 per cent said their income was not enough to cover their food needs. Venezuela was plunged into economic crisis in 2014 when...
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    Crock Pot (220 Volt) For Sale On Mercado Libre: $3500

    It's a real crock pot and uses 220V. Unfortunately, it's priced very high.
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    Translation Required For Contracts Foreigners?

    The title should have been "Are translations required for contracts between Argentines and foreigners?" I would like to know if a private contract or convenio privado between an Argentine and a foreigner in Argentina requires a translation to the foreigner's language to be legal A number of...
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    New Fees For Visas Extensions And Overstays Announced

    Here are the new fees which will go into effect in less than ten days: Application for permanent or temporary residency: from $1,200 to $2,000. Extension or renewal of tourist visa: from $600 to $900. Exit fee after overstaying visa limits: from $600 to $1,500 (or $3,000 if irregular...
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    Has The Long Awaited Crackdown On 90 Day Overstays Begun?

    This was posted yesterday in a thread asking about getting an FBI report (in a hurry): I wonder if this is just the beginning of a new "enforcement" policy at migraciones that might affect all foreigners who have overstayed their residencia transitoria (aka 90 day tourist visa), or if this is...
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    Good News For Anyone Receiving International Packages! In English by Google translations: BUENOS AIRES Under the current tax cycle of the Professional Council of Economic Sciences of CABA, the AFIP, Alberto Abad, gave a story that will make them more practical life to those...