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  1. GS_Dirtboy

    Sending A Package To Usa

    Depends upon if the contents are valuable and how fast you want to it to get there. If not valuable and/or time is not important use Correo Argentino. Otherwise you might consider DHL. Best GS
  2. GS_Dirtboy

    Tribute To George Rip And Thanks For Great Entertainment.

    Damn, I really miss 1985 ... and my hair ... and my 30" waist ... and my Jamz pants! Thanks, George for the great music!
  3. GS_Dirtboy

    Us Expat Working Remotely For Us Company - Tax Help

    EXACTLY as Steveinbsas wrote. IF IF IF you live in a foreign country (not counting Cuba or any other travel-restricted zone) you have two options for reducing your US income tax. 1) The Foreign Earned Income Exclusion which in 2016 was U$100,400 and 2) Foreign Tax Credit which reduces your...
  4. GS_Dirtboy

    Clinton - Trump Live Debate Monday Sept. 26 Th.

    I would agree. I am Republican and the GOP has been ignoring me for about 20 years.
  5. GS_Dirtboy

    Strange Thing I Saw Today On Autopista? Why Here?

    To a trained eye the M1 is hard to confuse with other tanks. Also, there have been military sales to Argentina recently, among them C-130s and T-6B Texan II training aircraft though I do not know of any heavy armor being sold. I would agree that Argentina has many more pressing military needs...
  6. GS_Dirtboy

    I Have A Problem...

    Why would you chase it away?
  7. GS_Dirtboy

    Isis To Argentina: “We’Re Coming To See You”

    That would be possible but I see no motivation for an attack here. In the eyes of ISIS Argentina is politically insignificant.
  8. GS_Dirtboy

    Isis To Argentina: “We’Re Coming To See You”

    ISIS will not "aim" at Argentina. They will (if not already) use this as a way-point for people, materials, and money.
  9. GS_Dirtboy

    Isis To Argentina: “We’Re Coming To See You”

    ISIS could easily use Argentina as a way-point for both infiltrators as well as funneling finances. Both the frontera and the banking system are full of holes however the country has a high life-style. Would a couple of young recruits rather hover in Islamabad or in Buenos Aires? I saw...
  10. GS_Dirtboy

    Selling Property Question

    The deed is written as a "deed of receipt." The deed is not executable unless the money is verified received by the escribano.
  11. GS_Dirtboy

    Selling Property Question

    We do it all the time. There is no gap as the escritura (deed) is written so that it becomes effective (transferable) once the deposit is made and confirmed by the escribano. If it is done correctly there will be no risk to the seller. GS
  12. GS_Dirtboy

    Young Dog For Adoption

    Excellent ideas! Many thanks! GS
  13. GS_Dirtboy

    Young Dog For Adoption

    Hi Everyone, My wife and I picked a dog up off the street last week. We had seen him around town dodging traffic and eating handouts in front of Burger King (no, he's not stupid). Anyway, we got him back on his feet and I've been working with him. He had an eye infection which we cleared...
  14. GS_Dirtboy

    Seeking Advise From Senior Ba Expats

    Only contracts in Spanish are enforceable in Argentina. Since you say the landlord doesn't read Spanish I doubt you'll get him to sign one. I would just keep dancing with the date you brought to the ball.
  15. GS_Dirtboy

    Seeking Advise From Senior Ba Expats

    The real estate agent is there (supposedly) to protect the owner, not the tenant. If the owner trusts you to pay then (as most have said here) just keep on dancing. He has much more to lose than you and has offered to run the risk of you not paying and then squatting in his apartment. My...
  16. GS_Dirtboy

    Are. You. Kidding. Me.

    Pokemon Went. A conversation between generations; Old Guy: Hey, can't you do anything without having to look at your cell phone every 30 seconds? Young Guy: Wadda ya mean? Old Guy: Like just now. I'm talking to you and you haven't taken your eyes off of your phone. Young Guy: Yea, so? Old...
  17. GS_Dirtboy

    I Want To Divorce My Abusive Argentina Wife, But Stay Here!

    No one deserves to be abused. Take that to heart. I am truly sorry for your troubles. GS
  18. GS_Dirtboy

    Cell Phone Question

    Buy a nano-card cutter on Ebay and bring it here and sell it to the guys working behind the counter at your local cell phone store.
  19. GS_Dirtboy

    Met An Argentine Girl In The States, Need Some Perspective..

    Search on YouTube for "Hot Crazy Matrix." That will answer all of your questions about Argentinas. :)
  20. GS_Dirtboy

    Question On Cables Draped Off Your Roof And City Ordinances

    I offer particular "services" for expats ... :)