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  1. GS_Dirtboy

    Young Dog For Adoption

    Hi Everyone, My wife and I picked a dog up off the street last week. We had seen him around town dodging traffic and eating handouts in front of Burger King (no, he's not stupid). Anyway, we got him back on his feet and I've been working with him. He had an eye infection which we cleared...
  2. GS_Dirtboy

    Argentine And U S Tax Authorities Now Talking Together

    AFIP and the IRS are currently trying to work out an agreement to share financial information to uncover tax evasion. This is related with FATCA are familiar with that. This will have a huge impact on citizens from both countries who are hiding cash and assets. I have North American clients...
  3. GS_Dirtboy

    Capital Gains Tax For U S Taxpayer For Sale Of Property

    John, a US citizen has lived, and rented in Argentina for the past 5 years. He has no US residence so therefore his primary residence is his apartment. He marries an Argentine citizen. They pay US taxes as married, filling jointly. She owns her home outright and has for the past 5 years...
  4. GS_Dirtboy

    No More Reciprocity Fee For Us Passport Holders

    From the US Embassy: Effective 24 March 2016, the Argentine government has suspended the $160 reciprocity fee for U.S. passport holders traveling to Argentina for periods of less than 90 days for tourist or business purposes. For questions regarding the suspension of the reciprocity fee...
  5. GS_Dirtboy

    Moving Sale San Isidro

    Hi all, We are downsizing from our house to an apartment. Therefore need to downsize our stuff as well. In addition to appliances and other typical household stuff we have some pretty cool antiques. PM with any questions you might have. Best, GS
  6. GS_Dirtboy

    Great Dog Looking For Lots Of Space

    Hi everyone! We are selling our house and moving to an apartment. Our wonderful dog, Pia asked if she could move to the country instead :). We couldn't agree more so we are looking for someone who has a farm and would like to have a great dog. She is pure-bred Italian Corso with papers, 6...
  7. GS_Dirtboy

    Coffee Chat May 14, 4-7Pm Belgrano

    Our next Coffee chat will be at Manhattan Club in Belgrano. 4-7PM Thursday, May 14, 2015 Manhattan Club Cabildo 1792 at the corner of Cabildo and La Pampa Convenient to Subte D and many bus lines. *We will be upstairs Post a reply here if we should save you a seat. Coffee Chat is a weekly...
  8. GS_Dirtboy

    Underground Dance Clubs In Buenos Aires

    One of the things I miss about NYC, London, Munchen, etc were the underground dance clubs. Particular DJ's got a following and we'd hit the clubs on certain nights when we knew the music would rock. BsAs has a growing puerto cerrado scene for eating. However, I can't find much of anything...
  9. GS_Dirtboy

    Looking For A Hamam (Turkish Bath)

    I am looking for a Hamam which is a traditional Turkish bath. I will settle for some Argentine version of that if I can find it in the city. Anyone know of a good place? Thanks in Advance. GS
  10. GS_Dirtboy

    Germanwings Crash In Alps

    Sorry to hear this news. Condolences to the families and friends. Now they are saying they found a black box. They say this all the time with crashes. The Flight Data Recorder (FDR) and the Cockpit Voice Recorder (CVR) are actually orange. "Black Box" indicates that there are things going...
  11. GS_Dirtboy

    Looking For A Great Barbershop

    When I lived in Philly I went to a great barber who had a rocking shop. These three guys were trendsetters. All of them were incredible fashion references, had great tats, were the first to promote real beards (sorry Beckam, not a real beard) around 2008, gave hot shaves, and you could get...
  12. GS_Dirtboy

    Swap Your English Books Here

    I thought it would be a good idea to create a Book Swap thread where we can swap books. What do you guys think? Post what you have here to swap. Here is what I have: I would be particularly interested in US Southern writers from the Southern Renaissance to Contemporary periods. Enjoy your...
  13. GS_Dirtboy

    No One From White House Goes To Paris? Non Charlie?

    Hi Mr. President, are you planning to go to Paris for the unity march? No? Uh, ok ... how about the Vice President? No as well? But he's sitting at home in Delaware without a public schedule, correct? Oh, I see. Hmmmm... ok. Is there anything you'd like to say about this? ... ... You...
  14. GS_Dirtboy

    Farmer's Market / Food Sales Permit

    Does anyone know what is required to get a permit to sell prepared food at the local farmer's markets? Also, why are there not many more street food vendors with carts or trucks? Thanks in advance. GS
  15. GS_Dirtboy

    Does A Foreigner With Argentine Dni Need Visa For Brasil?

    Posting this as we are getting conflicting information from official sources. I am a foreigner here with a DNI. We are planning a vacation in Brasil. Do I need a visa? The snotty woman at the embassy said yes, however the Brasilian Embassy website says no. Thanks in advance. GS
  16. GS_Dirtboy

    Populism Loves The Poor So Much It Multiplies Them

    That is a quote from Gloria Álvarez, a Guatemalan political activist who is visiting Argentina on a media tour. According to Álvarez a populist politician: 1. Educates people to feel like victims. 2. Polarizes the society and engenders hate creating "us vs. them." 3. Attempts to transform...
  17. GS_Dirtboy

    Noah Mamet Confirmed As Us Ambassador To Argentina

    A very divided Senate narrowly confirmed Noah Mamet, Obama's nomination as Ambassador to Argentina on Tuesday. Mamet, a Democratic fundraiser, raised U$1.4 Million for Obama's elections. During his confirmation hearing the "bundler" came under fire when asked about his qualifications to be...
  18. GS_Dirtboy

    Argentina Hunting Down Justin Bieber

    Argentina is asking Interpol to use "all means necessary" to get Justin Bieber to appear before an Investigative Judge within 60 days. The summons stems from allegations from photographer Diego Peseo that he was chased down and beaten by Bieber's bodyguards outside an Argentine nightclub where...
  19. GS_Dirtboy

    Great Sports Medicine Clinic In Belgrano - Cetro

    This is a client recommendation for the sports med clinic CETRO in Belgrano. I recently needed some rebuilding from an injury and the team at this clinic did a great job. It is also one of only three or four places in Buenos Aires where you can get a VO2 max / AT Threshold test done. The cost...
  20. GS_Dirtboy

    Banco Piano Forecasts The Blue Dollar

    In this Herald article http://www.buenosair...-reach-10-pesos the president of Banco Piano is forcasting the Blue to drop to 10. He was then quoted as saying, " People should not complain. The government is selling (Dollars) for savings and travel." What do you think? Is the government...