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    Why Argentine Women are so Angry!

    I recently came back to new york. getting off the plane in jfk i went to an information desk to ask about train times. before i even glimpsed the woman behind the counter, i started bracing myself for an unhappy encounter. i was not disappointed. the woman behind the counter could barely look...
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    Safety/ Crime Problem?

    This person is not from that part of new york or they would have never asked the question.
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    Laid off & in Buenos Aires?

    I forgot to mention that the original idea was a rip-off of a piece from the Washington Post that recently received a lot of attention.
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    Australian model now living in Buenos Aires looking for modeling work & part-time job

    No one doubts that you are real... we just think you are silly!
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    Australian model now living in Buenos Aires looking for modeling work & part-time job

    And Steveninbsas... did you really just whip out the name of a talent agency in Utah?
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    Australian model now living in Buenos Aires looking for modeling work & part-time job

    Perhaps working at Ford for two years isn't much exposure to the modeling industry but I still know soft-core porn when I see it.
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    Buenos Aires foreign films

    I apologize for not looking up his entire comment history before pointing out the redundancies in his phrasing.
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    Buenos Aires foreign films

    If you are living in Argentina, films that are made here are not foreign films.
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    Laid off & in Buenos Aires?

    I recently read it. It ended up being about Americans going on vacation to Buenos Aires because it is slightly less expensive. Truly amazing investigative journalism.
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    Australian model now living in Buenos Aires looking for modeling work & part-time job

    don't quote me on this but I think it might have something to do with the link to your softcore porn portfolio followed by a request to keep it business related.
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    advice for an aspiring foodie

    I studied gastronomy here last year. First I took classes at Gato Dumas, a school in Belgrano where I took group classes where we didn't actually do that much cooking. It was fun, informative, and we drank some wine. Overall, not very serious. I then found this woman through a friend who...
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    forced friendships

    not-so-fancy-nancy- you need to stop inhaling nail polish remover fumes. she wasn't dissing on you specifically, and yes, we're all so impressed that you whipped out david lynch you faux-pretentious hating wannabe
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    Argentines loves running red lights

    best comment ive read all day
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    How Do Wealthy Expats Live In Argentina

    While that is true, many solidly "middle class" Argentines were already living from paycheck to paycheck. Because they did not have savings, they were not prone to direct significant losses as a result of the devaluation.
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    Where to find office furniture: used or new.

    The mercado de fruitas en Tigre has the best deals on furniture but you will have to get someone to drive you. Mercado de Pulgas is also nice.
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    Suggestions for a Romantic Dinner

    Who are you taking out to dinner balle (calle?) 13?
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    Job Offer

    I earned (recently unemployed) 4000 pesos a month which is just a little less than that and live a very high quality of life. Fortunately I only pay about 300 pesos a month for a nice apartment in Barrio Norte that my Argentine friend's family owns so I am able to put $2700 towards food and...
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    is this normal behaviour?

    to: syngirl your litmus test (would i pay for someone in my own country) comes from a place of greed and mistrust. if you care about someone, especially if you love someone, and you have the means to give them a better life, then where they are from is irrelevant. to whoever started this...
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    Laid off & in Buenos Aires?

    I smell a story about disenfranchised estadosunidense running into the open arms of Kristina to escape the plight of the crumbling US economy. Don't talk to her!
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    Saying hello....and bball courts question

    I used to play on that court all the time when on lived on concepcion arenal. please tell it hello for me