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    Any Jobs In Radio In Buenos Aires?

    As a hobby, you'll have plenty of opportunities. Don't expect a mainstream media job though, or a paid one. It's all about contacts. You'll never see an add looking for top AM/FM radios looking for staff. It doesn't help that most programs do internal production on their own.
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    Contact Lenses - Where To Buy??

    check online for Multiopticas, Hipervision, they have a lot of associated shops in the Barrio Norte area.
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    Foreigners Cannot Buy Travel In Pesos??

    Anyone understands this? Or is just another "let's build a paranoia" team communication?
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    Best Neighbourhood In Ba For Tourist To Stay.

    Palermo (the "hip" area) nowadays reminds me a lot to the 90's in San Telmo. I used to live there and being 6'2 and native Spanish speaker still would get some chills when not in a crowded/well lighted street. Palermo got dodgy (used to be mostly residential) and San Telmo dodgier. Both of those...
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    When Will The Peso Hit 10?

    Anyone knows what's the real cuevas spread today? I see 10.75/11.85 in Dolarblue site but changes a lot every hour or so. Should exchange by tomorrow as I'm leaving on Wed.
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    Eat Free On Your Birthday

    La Continental will deliver a free pizza on your birthday (if you are registered with them of course) I always add a little bit of something extra just to not feel so bad about my last order there being probably 10 years ago.
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    Best Neighbourhood In Ba For Tourist To Stay.

    If you want to be close to downtown and pretty+safe+fun (but not as much fun as Palermo) then Recoleta hands down
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    Supermarket Blackout Movement /tomorrow Friday

    Yes, problem is that you heard it from Samid http://www.infonews....los-barrios.php Really hope they'd do that. But I think it will be like most things done by this (and previous) Govts, corruption/coima, inefficiency, needing subsidio to maintain the program, etc Cheap basic housing+food and...
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    Supermarket Blackout Movement /tomorrow Friday

    Saw the "these are the ones stealing your salary" posters? I don't have a supermarket, so really wouldn't know how big the profit could be. Now, if the Gov't and related associations claim that there's such a big rip off going on, why don't they run a "supermercado popular" with the prices they...
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    Supermarket Blackout Movement /tomorrow Friday

    One thing I don't get. Ok, Mercado Central IS damn cheaper. But is just ONE case. Why boycott the supermarkets when I go there in first place because is the cheapest place for me? (no car, no way to get to Mercado Central) Shouldn't boycott as well a chino? a kiosco? Or is it the provider? The...
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    Where Can I Get Good Quality Visiting Cards Printed

    anyone got ever asked about their "tarjeta de visita" in Argentina? Never heard that one before. Always "tarjetas personales"
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    Holidays In Bsas

    Hm, I don't think there's any CABA specific holiday.
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    Mac Book Pro Gets Pushed Off Wifi Every 3 Minutes, Advice?

    check Apple forums
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    Verizon "global Phone" Not So Global.

    Watch the fineprint on that T-Mobile "Worlwide" chip deal. If you spend more time overseas than in the States they take it down.
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    Super Bowl Sunday.

    That was damn boring unless you are a Seahawks fan. Superbowl was 2 weeks ago. And that means we (Kaep) choked twice in 2 years during the most important game. I got to see Yong's SB, otherwise I'd be fuming. Now if the Warriors can make 1 more move to get the NBA ring, I'd have lived...
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    Lan Airlines Won't Give Refunds On Refundable Tickets

    I've flown Lufthansa, LAN, AirEuropa, American, Aerolineas, Wizz Air and Ryan Air in the past year. Lufthansa, Wizz Air and Ryan Air CS were not needed. The rest were beyond crap. Incompetent and get damn angry when telling them in the nicest tone that they are wrong. Eventually most issues got...
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    Bus Strike-Stranded!

    Seems it's off
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    Apostille For U.s. Birth Certificate?

    Can you detail the process a bit please? I'm leaving on 2/12 to Europe. Just have in my hand the official copy, need to have it signed by County Clerk and then by Secretary of State for the apostille. Any chance that I get it on time if I do it tomorrow? Can I have it sent to Europe? How much...
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    Blue Dollar - Over

    Only way to the 20% "back" that is working consistently is if you work en blanco on a company with good HR accounting AND your ganancias tax is higher than the 20%/35% off your foreign/tourist expenses. Haven't heard of a single monotributista that got actual cash back. (my case)
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    Day Room In Buenos Aires?

    AirBnB maybe? you can rent for a day and look for anything in the area you need, check taht it has good reviews. If you'll be at EZE, there's VIP lounges that I think you can buy your way in for a day.