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    I've recently entered the country as a family member without any problems at Ezeiza and am doing quarantine, but am just now realizing there's a separate DDJJ for the city of Buenos Aires which is apparently obligatory and of course wasn't mentioned by anyone upon arrival nor on national...
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    Has Anyone Entered as a Family Member Recently?

    Arriving from Atlanta to Buenos Aires on Friday with the hopes of entering as a family member. I have all the necessary documents, apostille, etc. I was wondering everyone's experience, if anyone was given the third degree, and also which if any documents needed to be translated. I read the...
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    Has anyone gone through the Work Visa process?

    Saludos hivemind, The title says it all. I likely have a work visa interview taking place in the next few weeks. I was wondering what type of questions were asked and what kind of supporting evidence was asked for. Did you consider the officials particularly stringent? Of particular interest...
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    Minimum course load for Student Visa

    Hey everyone, In the hopes of applying for a Student Visa I was hoping to pursue a Tecinactura that would involve approximately 8 hours of classroom time a week. After consulting an Argentine lawyer she seemed to be of the opinion that such a light course load would cause the visa to be...
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    Can you apply for a Work/Student Visa after entering on a Tourist Visa?

    The title says it all. I may have a job offer lined up as early as October (fingers crossed US citizens are allowed to enter the country at that point). Is this a legitimate way to begin this tramite or is it necessary to do it from the Embassy or a consulate in the US? Thank you all in advance!
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    Permanent Residency Interview (Marriage) in the US

    Saludos! I am making tentative plans to relocate to Argentina once COVID is on the wane and was hoping someone may have some feedback. I am married to an Argentinian woman in the US, although we are currently separated and do not share an address, I was hoping to get a general sense of how...