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    New to B.A.

    Been on and off BAExpats since i moved her 15 months ago...why am I still a "newcomer" and how can I change it?
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    New to B.A.

    Welcome to BsAs-- which is short for busted ass...jajaja i broke my ankle last year on the afore-mentioned broken sidewalks (first broken bone of my life not counting baby toes) Two words for you Mr. or Ms Jogger. Puerto Madero, Chris Soy una profesora de ingles tambien!
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    New holidays in Argentina

    Does anyone know when this Nov 20 holiday starts? Is it this year? I hope so because I work 6 days a week and could use a day off...also that is my birthday weekend and it's a BIG one --the kind with a zero in it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    If Not Argentina Then Where?

    I have spent time in both Panama and Costa Rica and now here. I like the cultural aspects of Buenos Aires. San Jose costa rica is not a very nice town in my opinion and ticos have been spoiled by the influx of "rich" gringos for the last 30 years and will try to cheat you if they think you're...
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    Let's grab a sandwich! Monarca, Sep 1st, 8:30pm

    I'll try to make it too... Chris
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    Hospital Aleman...ER Wait Time?

    Hello! I heartily recommend the ER at Aleman...broke my ankle in april and was seen very quickly, efficiently and (for me) cheaply... cost 300 pesos (I don't have insurance). The only catch was it was 10:30 Sunday night and they didn't have any crutches so had to go to Ortopedia Catalan the next...
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    Any English teachers need classes?

    I am a certified TEFL teacher...I have a fairly full schedule with some gaps so I am looking to pick up some more students but I'm going to the US from May 29th-June 15th and will be here until at least December or longer so call me if this works for you 11-3360-4874 Christy
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    Rusty English Lecturer / ESL Teacher from Perth who is thinking BA would be good :-)

    Hi John, Welcome to the thread. There is plenty of work here...and they seem to like native speakers. It is not well paid but it's never been the most lucrative of professions anyway. The going rate is between 25 and 40 pesos an hour. I have 4 employers; two private teachers who give me students...
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    Meet up tonight @ 8:30

    Great to hear from you all. If you want to find me you can click on my profile (Christy Caldwell) and look at my photo. Toni and I are both medium height American ladies. She has short cropped blond/brown hair and I have shoulder length blond hair...we are both over 40 :) Bar might not be too...
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    Meet up tonight @ 8:30

    Calling all expats and English speakers! A few of us are meeting tonight for a drink and a chat at the Godoy Bar in Palermo @8:30. Address is Paraguay 4905. Let us know if you can make it on short notice or just show up! Christy and Toni
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    Would anyone be interested in a fiction writers group?

    See you Sunday 5 PM. Can't wait to meet you all! Have a couple of books to swap-- not great literature but the local used bookshops are limited in their scope.
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    Would anyone be interested in a fiction writers group?

    Yes, count me in! I've been writing for years and had lots of poetry published in the 80's. Now I mainly write emails to friends and family but have lots of ideas and impressions of BA that need to record...Teach most nights until 7 or 7:30 but can do Sundays and Saturday mornings. Christy
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    asado anyone?

    Sounds like fun! I will try to make it and will confirm closer to date!
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    The worst pizza in the world?

    Had the worst pizza of my life a bar called La Cigale on 25th de Mayo...Sorry, but there are a few pizza basics that are not negotiable. What's the deal with artificial cream cheese? Where's the tomato sauce? Venezia Italy has the best pizza I ever tasted and I'm a pizza lover.
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    New face in a strange place

    Welcome...I thought "sevens" was rugby not football.:) Have a son who's a mad All-Blacks fan. Where is the gringa-fest on Monday nights? (Looking for stuff to do and other ex-pats to go out with.) Cheers, Christy
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    Expats meet up this Friday night

    I think I'll stop by. I teach until 7:15 and not sure how to get there from Caballito but I will figure it out... Happy St. Paddy's day everyone. EX-pat party at Sugar tonight. Cheers, Christy
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    Living in Buenos Aires versus Santiago - pros and cons

    Spent 5 days in Santiago in 2008 on the way to Easter Island. Nice city...beach is farther from Santiago so if that is important then it goes on the con list. I have (so far) spent 3 weeks in BA last October and now and like it better and I think the people are friendlier here. Except for the...
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    Fun, happy, very attractive woman over 40 wants to meet other expats and single guys.

    Hello Joe, New to this thread/blog stuff so not sure when the gathering is at Millon bar. Was it Weds nite or Thurs nite? thanks for replying... Iam looking to hang out with single people in their forties and fifties since Iam well past forty but of course I look/act younger! Don't we all say...
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    Level of Violence in Buenos Aires?

    I spent 2 weeks here last October and had my purse stolen around noon in a very nice cafe in a very nice place...Belgrano. I knew not to hang it over the back of the chair but put it between my feet...bad idea. Two older,well dressed men sat behind me and snagged it from under my chair...they...
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    Fun, happy, very attractive woman over 40 wants to meet other expats and single guys.

    Hello, Just joined this group. Arrived last Weds. and staying in BA for several months. Trying to find a job teaching ESL (I´m certified) Got a studio apartment in Tribunales but the internet doesn´t work! Will try to make the pub thing in Palermo tonight... Thanks, Christy