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    Shipping Stuff To The Us

    Need to ship some stuff to the States in a few months. Would like to get a small container or 1/2 of one. Have more than a few suitcases. No art (a few small things, can carry those on the plane). Basically books, some kitchen stuff, clothes, no furniture. Been here close to 8 years and we...
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    For Sale ipad2 64gb and iphone4s 64gb new in box

    So my friend brought down a new ipad2 Wifi (64gb, non-3g model, in box) and an iphone 4s (64gb, in box) from the States and we tried to auction them on mercadolibre. That didn't work as people who had no intention of buying them bidded on them and never contacted us when they won. The iphone...
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    Culligan Water Delivery

    Our 2nd pur water filter just broke (it seems that they have a life of about 13 months) and I am sick of bringing one back from the USA (and I'm not going anyway for a while). Anyway, anyone get Culligan water delivered? How much is it per bottle and per dispenser (can you rent the...
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    So a long time ago (4 years or so) you had to go to the Retiro post office to get amazon packages. Lately I have ordered books to a friend's house in the US and have had them mail them directly to me. I want to cut out the middle man. Will packages containing only books arrive at...
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    Presidental Election in 2011

    I'm unsure if I should post this here or in World Politics, so feel free to move this. I have been trying to educated myself about all the candidates for the election for president in 2011. No, I cannot vote but still would like to know. I know what CFK and Macri are about (somewhat) but not...
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    Patagonia (the clothing store)

    Hey anyone who is going hiking or what not and needs some clothes. I am on the Patagonia clothing store mailing list and they are having a 20% sale from Dec. 17-24 for the holidays. Just in case anyone needs/wants something. The prices are pricey (same as in the USA and its pricey for the...
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    Corn tortillas

    I was talking to Red and I guess they had a Mexican music festival in the park in Palermo last week. They had stands and he bought corn tortillas (made by real Mexicans :D). Here is the website: I emailed her for a price list...
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    Car ownership

    Anyone here have a car? Did you buy it here or bring it from another country? I heard that you can bring one in tax free one time with your DNI as long as you keep it a year or more (all they check I was told). It is part of moving here that you are allowed to bring your stuff. Does this...
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    Podcasts en Castellano

    Anyone listen to any they like? Recommendations? Been listening to a lot of podcasts lately and would like to add some new ones.
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    Looking for an English speaking therapist in Cap Fed dealing with addiction (both food and alcohol), depression, and anxiety. Any recommendations? Psychiatrists might be better. Not sure.