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    Saturday 11.4. any happening?

    Hello there, Any of you expats going out on Saturday? If you are, could we meet in some of your joints? Please, not too early, only after 21:00. See you, I hope!
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    Sounds weird but: some Tampax available

    Hi there, weird topic to discuss in internet but it has been taken up here before. It is impossible to find Tampax in this city, or at least that is my experience. Anyway, I'm flying back home in the end of the month. And I have 1,5 pack of Tampax Super that I do not need. Is there anyone who...
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    Practising spanish

    Can you advice where to find someone to practise spanish with? I know there has been some advice here before but could not figure out search words to find them. I have studied spanish a little very long ago. Now I have spent here already over 3 months but have to admit that have not been really...
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    Hairdresser that speaks English?

    Does anyone know any (good) hairdresser that would speak English? I have had couple of really bad experiences with hairdressers here and next time I would like to make sure that if it happens again the reason is not the language. It would be so nice to be able to really explain what I want...
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    Good massage (fysiotherapy)

    Have any of you been able to find good massage place there? I refer now more to fysiotherapy kind of massage than relaxation the beuty salons offer. I found couple gyms that offer massage services but they had a queue of 2 weeks and I would like to get appointment sooner. All the hints are...