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    We're Hiring! 4 X Customer Service Representatives

    Hello, I applied on September 14. The day after the ad was posted on a Facebook group. I applied with high hopes I'd at least get an interview since my work experience and educational background matched so well with the job post and the company. Is there an HR contact I can reach out directly...
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    No More Reciprocity Fee For Us Passport Holders

    I also read of the possibility of Argentina being part of the Global Entry Program. What would the difference be between the VWP and the GEP? I know Panama and Mexico are the 2 LatAm countries part of the GEP. I tried googling but I still don't quite get it.
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    Netflix - No More Proxy

    Really? It works fine just as is?
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    Perm Res Living Abroad For More Than 2 Years

    Is this really enforced? Have any of you experienced this or know someone that has? Permanent residents who have been living outside of Argentina If you stay outside of Argentina for longer than 2 years, your permanent residence may be subject to cancellation. In order to avoid this, before...
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    Potential Job Or Info Request

    Hi, Check this place might be able to find help with your project.
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    Walter Blanco...breaking Bad Latin America Style

    It's the Colombian version.
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    Permanent Residency (urgent)

    Hello people, Sorry if this has been answered before, I searched but the answers we not 100% certain and immigrations doesn't answer the phone. I have a permanent residency status in Argentina, but I´m returning to the US for an unknown period of time and I need to know if its 2 or 5 years...
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    Garantia for apartment rentals Supervielle

    You can also check directly with Supervielle for a list of inmobiliarias and landlords that work directly with them. Also, Banco Ciudad will start offering this service starting from March 2011.
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    VoIP pre-pay phone?

    Agentina has iVoz hope that helps
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    Residency after marriage

    Even though my US passport is not multilingual 100% (only some parts are multilingual), I had zero issues. I guess the info they really need is the one that appears in Spanish.
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    Marriage to Mercosur resident, ultima prorroga

    If she's a perm resident and u marry her....u will be elegible for perm residemcy right away. I speak from experience. She doen't have to be a citizen.
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    Gay marriages

    Like previously posted by others. Each country has their rules for recognizing them or not. Also, each US state is in charge of it's own marriage laws. However, due to the DoMA those marriages will not be recognized by the US federal gov't so it will not be valid for immigration purposes, since...
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    Rapidfire Round

    take it take it
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    Nyquil & heater

    there is Vick's syup.....i tried it last week
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    Exactly where I stand.
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    I'm sure there are, but why would we go through loads of immigration bureaucracy on another country with no savings or people to help you start out? He is Argentine and I'm already a permanent resident so we're alright here.
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    We used my father in law's and sister in law's "recibo de sueldo" as the garantors. Its definitely more flexible in provincia.
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    Because my life is here in Buenos Aires, and being a same-sex couple the federal immigration law doesn't give my boyfriend the option to enter the US as a legal immigrant via our relationship.
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    Rent plays a big part in this. Luckily our rent is $1000 pesos monthly for a 2 rooms, 1 bath, kitchen, living room and HUGE balcony were we can host parties for 30 people, in Lourdes, Santos Luares, very very close to Capital and one of the best electric metro trains (Linea Urquiza). But...
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    Driver's Licence......???

    Can you be the owner of a car or motorcycle with that AAA Int'l DL?