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    VISA problem at ATM's

    I only tried $300 pesos at Banelco, and got it... before I could only get $100 pesos so that seems to have changed. I was always able to get what I needed from Link, and we basically just stocked up cash in the house! Jessica
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    is there a place like Costco or Marshalls?

    Oh how I miss Marshalls and Costco! There are a few places you can try that I know of... One is Easy.. ( they are like a cross between Target and Home Depot. Jumbo ( is another alternative, that is somewhat of a KMart type place. There is a shopping center...
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    NYC Bagels

    Umm.... I think the white bread that people eat here is the same as the bagel. I agree that you should enjoy the differences, and not revel in the things you miss, but really, let's not start attacking people for missing things that they have come acustom to. When in the states, we would drive...
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    How to buy prescription medications?

    Here is a number for a local pharmacy. (I live outside of Capital, but not too far). You can call and ask them if what is available without a prescription Farma 24 Av. M. Castex 781 - Canning Tel.: 4295-6800
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    how long to learn spanish?

    I would agree that it depends on you! The best way is to just start to talk to people, and immerse yourself in the people. Do NOT just hang out with expats, and watch tv in English. Start with some children's books to help you with vocabulary. I took classes in high school for nearly four years...
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    How to buy prescription medications?

    I would take a guess that if you can get it in Mexico without a prescription, you can probably get it here. From my experience, the only things that you really need a prescription for are pain killers, sleeping pills, and some antidepressants (my mother in law recently passed away from cancer)...
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    VISA problem at ATM's

    I am tempted to try an atm today with banelco to see if it has been fixed. I don't know anything of the ba Herald to know if it a reputable source (but I will assume, that you know it to be such). The funny thing is that it says that it will return to the $300 peso limit, which I never...
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    VISA problem at ATM's

    Have you tried it since Sunday? The problem for us began on Sunday. I think my husband choses spanish (since he is Argentine) but I can't be sure. I kind of just want to get a general idea if it is just a few of us, or everyone. Jessica
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    VISA problem at ATM's

    Me too! My bank last week was holding double the amount that I was withdrawing, and my available balance dropped below the minimum, and I began getting charged overdraft fees!!! I spoke with them, and they said one thing I can do to avoid holding double the amount would be to go into the bank...
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    Getting a new 90 day tourist visa.

    I haven't seen anyone mention a charge but... do they charge to renew your visa if it hasn't expired at migraciones? Due to family issues, we haven't applied for my papers yet and I need to renew. We are planning on a trip to Uruguay next weekend for the day, but just was curious if we could...
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    Peanut Butter (Ducle de Leche)

    I found Skippy Peanut Butter in the international section at Jumbo. It was EXPENSIVE! It was labelled $8.99 which I thought was alot, but when I got home, I checked the receipt and it was $16.99! They had chunky and creamy.
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    Why do Argentines blame others for their problems?

    Funny how the title of this thread was Argentine's blaming others for their problems, and yet the expats just continue to start these long argumentative threads! Jessica
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    Mastering French Manners, the hard way

    Don't feel badly! I'm 5'11, so when I walk into most places, they tell me they don't have my size. I sometimes wish I was short and fat, because a lot of places seem to have very large sizes, but they aren't long enough. Short friends of mine have said the same thing.
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    groceries:To Bag or Not to Bag?

    They give you a four hour time frame that they will show up. Everytime, they have made it within that time. I ordered one day at 9 am, and they delivered in the next time frame which was 13-17, and they came at 2 pm. You can chose though. I usually order at night after dinner, and it comes by...
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    groceries:To Bag or Not to Bag?

    YEP! I wondered that too, but is it really any different than going to the produce stand? Every produce stand I've been too picks for me anyhow! Their quality of produce has by far exceeded my expectations. The bananas were the perfect shade of yellow and green to ripen in a day, and last a few...
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    groceries:To Bag or Not to Bag?

    Hey, I posted that a few days ago! I do love cotodigital! I am addicted!
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    groceries:To Bag or Not to Bag?

    I've seen people take the plastic bags, tie them together, and make a grocery bag that they can use regularly.
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    criminal record report when applying for residency

    You received your papers in Uruguay for Argentina, or you simply when to Uruguay to renew your visa?
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    How americans see the outside world

    Well, the people may be dirty (by littering), but in the states, I have NEVER seen any one clean the stoop of their business. Yet at 8 AM in BA it is difficult to find a dry sidewalk. I am not underestimating the pollution by any means. Jessica
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    criminal record report when applying for residency

    I appreciate the rapid response. The local police department did in fact want a personal appearance, and the FBI takes 8-10 weeks. Any other options? Does the US embassy do it by any chance? What can I say, I'm a true American, I've waited till the last minute, and need things done NOW...