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    Loft/Office Wanted

    Seeking commercial loft/office space for music company. Ok if it's rough around the edges. Palermo, almagro, or Las Canitas prefered. Microcentro, San Telmo considered for the right place/price. 1500 m2 +
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    Dinner for anyone who wants to make new friends?

    just read this! Would have loved to come! Jeff
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    Where should I play tennis?

    I never heard of the USTA scale before. I looked it up though ( and based upon it I am more like a 4.0 so I am not sure I am good enough to play with El Sueco but if there are any intermediate players out there who are...
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    Tennis Anyone

    Dear Forum Members, I would like to know if anyone knows a good tennis club and/or would like a tennis partner. I would describe myself as a solid intermediate player. My wife also plays if there are any couples who would like to play mixed doubles. Please let me know, thanks, Jeff
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    After almost three long months of waiting our stuff finally arrived from the US. Now, I need some renter's insurance. I heard banks provide that here. Does anyone have a good insurance person they can recommend who speaks English? Any advice, recommendations, etc would be appreciated. I feel...
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    Notary Public

    I'm selling a property in the US and therefore need to get a document notarized. Does anyone know where I can get this done? Someone suggested the US embassy but I have not be able to get in touch with them to find out if they offer notary service. If anyone knows where one could get a document...
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    even higher ATM fees

    We use USAA, they reimburse all ATM fees (up to I think $30 us per month)
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    My wife and I are interested in going to see a polo match. Does anyone know how to get tickets? Anyone interested in going? Please let me know! Thanks, Jeff
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    Unblocking an Iphone

    I just went through this on a trip to miami. go to I used this step by step guide there is no need to pay any company that says they do it for a fee. After using the free software you can give a donation to Blackra1n I...
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    Record/Publishing Co Seeks Intern(s)

    If you would like to send me your resume and some information about yourself I would be more than happy to take a look at it and speak with you. Of course anyone who can bring value to the organization we would be happy to work with. At the same time, I am sure you can see that for a young...
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    Record/Publishing Co Seeks Intern(s)

    Thanks for your note, I appreciate it. If you know anyone who fits the bill please feel free to refer them.
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    Record/Publishing Co Seeks Intern(s)

    Expat Records ( is an independent record and publishing company based in Buenos Aires. We are seeking interns to help with new artist on-boarding, A&R, video and graphic arts production, project coordination, and the like. For someone who is spending some time in Buenos...
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    Stop Paying Killer ATM Fees

    I knew this was going to be a problem before we moved here because of the exorbitant fees we've been bitch-slapped with on vacations. Therefore, I did a lot of research and we now use USAA...
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    So, I'm being sued by the cleaning lady..

    Modulus, Keep in mind that 99% of judgements are never collected upon. Therefore, even if a court in Argentina awards this gold-diggin' dishwasher 50k you don't necessarily have to give it to her. You need to seek legal council on not only fighting this psycho spungeweilder but also if it is...
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    Brutally Beaten in Recoleta

    I am so sorry to hear that this happened to you. I agree that it is a lesson to always take a radio taxi home at night, and give them a good tip and ask them to wait for one second to make sure you get in ok.
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    Anybody know know a realtor? aka RENTAL HELP NEEDED

    I found a great realtor who's name is Andrea her email is she got us a great apartment at a very reasonable price we are moving in next week! her website is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!
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    Looking for Apartmet Rental

    We did a lot of research and found the best and most reasonably priced places through Andrea's Rentals. Here is their web site:
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    Residence, Attorneys, DNI...Oh My!

    A&A thanks for your message pm me and we'll get in touch. We got some great references from the state department on the mover which I can fwd to you.
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    The coming USA currency crisis and Argentina

    I agree with Marksoc, very few currencies are directly pegged to the US dollar any more. "Fiat Currency" from the Latin "Fiat" means "Let there be". It is currency by government decree, without being backed by tangible assets, such as the gold. Almost by definition, all fiat currencies move...
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    The coming USA currency crisis and Argentina

    If you think that there's anything more than a snowflake's chance in hell that the greenback will be replaced by an "international reserve currency backed by gold and oil" someone must have slipped some crack into your malbec. What is it back by now, gold? NOT! So today it is backed by nothing...